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School parliaments from Danilovgrad, Bar and Ulcinj visit the Day Care Centre for children with disability in Niksic

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2012/ Dusko Miljanic
Members of schools parliaments during the visit to their peers with disability in Niksic’s Day Care Centre

Within the “It’s about ability” campaign, members of school parliaments from 12 municipalities hang out with peers with disability in the nearest day care centres

NIKŠIĆ, September 28, 2012 – Members of schools parliaments in 3 municipalities – Danilovgrad, Bar and Ulcinj – played with their peers with disability in Niksic’s Day care centre.
Previously, the schools parliaments discussed about creating inclusive communities and learned about the services like the day care centre that need to be established to enable children with disabilities across the country to live at home, get an education and be friends with their peers.
For most of them, it was the first time to play with peers with disability in a day care centre, as only in Ulcinj a day care centre has been established, while Bar and Danilovgrad still don’t have one.

“I’ve had a great time today playing with the children from the Day Care Centre  and I’ve made some new friends,” said Zvezdana Ivanović member of 'Vuko Jovovic' school parliament from Danilovgrad.
 “I wish we could have something like this in our town, because I would visit them more often and get to know them,” said Vladimir Mijač from Primary School "Blažo Jokov Orlandić" from city of Bar.
 “This is my first time to be in a Day Care Centre. There is no such centre in my town and I think it would good to open one,” said Una Bošković, member of school parliament from "Blažo Jokov Orlandić."

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2012/ Dusko Miljanic
Members of schools parliaments during the visit to their peers with disability in Niksic’s Day Care Centre

With UNICEF’s support, Centre for Child Rights has organized visits to the nearest day care centre for school parliamentarians from 12 municipalities in order to raise their awareness of of the services needed to ensure the fulfilment of the rights of children with disability.

"Visits to the inclusive services like a day care centre allow school parliamentarians to better understand the concept of inclusion. This enhanced understanding is necessary for school parliamentarians to be effective in advocating  for the establishment of day care centres for children with disabilities in their communities," said Director of the Centre for Child Rights in montenegro, Rajka Perović.

The visits of school parliaments to the day care centres are organized with UNICEF’s support within the “It’s about ability” campaign aimed at building an inclusive society in Montenegro.

“Day care centres provide a range of services for children with the most severe form of disability - learning and play, develop mental activities, physiotherapy and support to families of those children. They ensure that children who cannot go to mainstream schools have the opportunity to learn and that their families that may otherwise send their children to far away institutions, keep those children within a loving, family environment. So, the aim is to expand day care centres so there is one in every municipality and every child who needs them can acces them,’’ UNICEF Montenegro Representative Benjamin Perks explained.

At the moment, children can go to a day care centre in only 6 out of 21 municipalities in Montenegro: Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Plav, Niksic, Herceg Novi and Ulcinj.



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