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OneMinutesJr at International TV Festival in Bar

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2011
OneMinutesJr participants discussing the movies to be filmed

BAR, Montenegro, 24–29 October 2011 - 20 young people from Montenegro successfully finished the One Minutes Juniors film workshop, organised as part of the International TV Festival in Bar and supported by UNICEF.

The result, 20 one-minute films describing their views on key child rights issues. This year, 20 young people through one-minute movies presented their ideas on topics dealing with education, health and child protection.

Anida Avdic, student at the Institute for Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Hearing and Speaking Impairment in Kotor, in her film described the issue of insecurity and the feeling she has about the people talking about her disability whenever she enters the bus on her way to school.

"My movie is talking about the moment I am entering the bus with the feeling of sadness and insecurity, but when a person approaches to me and helps me I feel happines. In my movie people were not talking about my disability," Alida explained.

UNICEF consultant, Chris Schuepp, helps children around the world express their ideas, dreams and opinions by supporting them to produce their own 1 min movies. This is the third year in a raw he is working on making movies with children and teenagers from Montenegro.

"The One Minutes Juniors project is all about participation. What we really want is to get the stories from the children, and we want the children to produce the films, not that we are here to make films about the children, but with children. The children are producers, they are the directors, they direct the films, they produce the films and they really tell their stories as they are," said Chris.

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2011
UNICEF Consultant Chris Schuepp explaining the process of filming

Through one minute videos, children have the opportunity to gain new experience in media production which in turn enables the development of their media literacy.

"Having the One Minute Junior project in the Bar TV and film festival is an excellent opportunity for children through the medium of film to be able to creatively express themselves and for their voice to be heard. Especially children often whose voice is less likely to be heard in society, particularly those children living with disability, the children from the RAE community, children living in institutions and other groups of children who often are on the margins of the society," said UNICEF Representative Benjamin Perks. 

So far, children of various nationalities, with and without disabilities from various towns in Montenegro participated in these workshops in 2009 and 2010. Some of the videos have been presented on Montenegrin TV stations as part of programmes on inclusion, children’s rights and problems children face in Montenegro.

"The media are an integral part of children lives, maybe more than ours. The media may very well convince children to do something that they shouldn’t, that something is true which is incorrect. So this sounds awfully cumbersome, but the media can now have more authority over the children than their mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and others," said Marija Perovic, Festival’s Creative Director.

The objective of joint activity of the OneMinutesJuniors foundation, the TV Festival in Bar and UNICEF is promotion of active participation and inclusion of all children in media and TV production.



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