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Elektroprivreda and UK Embassy donate for the campaign "It's about ability"

It’s about ability – awareness raising campaign on inclusion of children with disabilities by UNICEF, Government of Montenegro, EU Delegation to Montenegro, Associations of parents of children with disabilities  and other partners

PODGORICA, NOVEMBER 3, 2010 – Elektroprivreda and UK Embassy provide donations to the campaign It's About Ability.

Thanks to donations by Elektroprivreda and the UK Embassy, the TV spot of the campaign It's About Ability which highlights support to families of children with disability will be broadcast in the cinema in the capital city before every film for the next month.

"Thomas Edison was instrumental in creating the modern world that we are living in today.Very few know that he had disabilities. It was the strength, support and love of his family who never stopped believing in him that allowed him to flourish. His lifestory shows that disability does not define a child. Ability and potential do. A new Thomas Edison may be growing up among Montenegro's children with disabilities and we want to support him or her to develop to the full potential and to contribute to the advancement of the human race. For this reason, Elektroprivreda joins the campaign It's about ability and supports full inclusion of children with disabilities into society.“ says Elektroprivreda Executive director Mr. Enrico Malerba.

“It’s important to raise awareness on the problems that children with disabilities and their families have faced. It is essential to support their inclusion and the building of an inclusive society in Montenegro. The UK itself has been through this journey, and has developed a full range of services to support inclusion of disability into schools and communities, with the child’s right to grow up in a family environment, receive quality education and participate in society at the core. I hope Montenegro will continue to make very good progress on this road of inclusion and antidiscrimination in order to meet the EU standards in the next few years.” says the UK Ambassador Ms Catherine Knight-Sands.

'Throughout the campaign, we have been inviting everyone to Join Us! We are delighted with the number of political, moral and financial supporters of the campaign who are getting involved. Our aim is to create an unstoppable momentum in support of lasting inclusion of children with disabilities in Montenegro's society. The UK Embassy joined the campaign from the very beginning and I am very pleased to see Elektroprivreda is one of the first companies from Montenegro's private sector to provide direct financial support. I hope that more will follow“ says UNICEF Montenegro Representative Noala Skinner. She announced plans to have a meeting with the representatives of Montenegro's private sector in December in order to have more companies join the coalition that supports building of an inclusive society in Montenegro through direct and concrete support.

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