Mongolia’s companies to invest in on-site kindergartens

UNICEF promotes the development of child-friendly workplaces

Moiltmaa Sarantuya
Onsite kindergarten built by Teso Corporation
UNICEF Mongolia
12 May 2022

30 April, Ulaanbaatar – With UNICEF facilitation, a public-private consultative working group, consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science and eight private companies was established to implement  family-friendly workplace policies. The group will hold discussions to address the issues of pre-school education policies in the private sector, companies’ on-site kindergarten licensing, and provide space for experience-sharing on the topics of child-friendly policies and child rights and business principles.  

Setting up on-site kindergartens for children of companies’ employees is one of the most pressing issue  in today’s Mongolia. UNICEF, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, has been organizing a series of discussions and workshops to address the challenges faced by private companies, including the issue of acquiring licenses and building permits for the on-site kindergartens.  

The TESO Corporation, the first private company in Mongolia which has built the first  kindergarten for its employee’s children in 2019, is an inspirational example for the private sector. According to TESO, over 60 per cent of its employees have children aged from 2 to 5 years. The Corporation demonstrated that having an on-site kindergarten played a significant role in increasing employees’ satisfaction by 9 percent and decreasing staff turnover year after year.  

CEO of TESO corporation sharing her experience about onsite kindergarten
UNICEF Mongolia
TESO Corporation's CEO sharing her experience on onsite kindergartens.

Should the eight companies following the family-friendly workplace policies manage to get licenses and permissions for setting up kindergartens for their employee’s children, up to 1000 children would be able to be enrolled in the pre-school educational facilities giving their parents the peace of mind and productivity every private business is after.  

UNICEF has been promoting family-friendly workplace policies among private sector employers in Mongolia since 2019. As a result, by regulating human resource and other operational policies the private sector began introducing such policies as flexible workplace arrangements, decent work for pregnant and postpartum mothers, and opportunities for mothers to breastfeed their children or express milk in privacy in the Mother and Child rooms at workplace.