Submit your proposal for improvements of the health registration and reporting software

Deadline: Jan 8, 2021


UNICEF wishes to invite you to submit a proposal for Improvements of the health registration and reporting software H-INFO 3.0.

The Center for Health Development (CHO), a Government implementing agency, under Ministry of Health, is mandated for planning and development of the national health information systems, whose functions include health data collection, analysis, and information sharing with the end-users. Since its first introduction in 1994, and with series of improvements along the way, the H-info software has been the only application within the systems that pull together data from 6687 healthcare entities on daily basis, using both online and offline data entries. On average, annually 16.0 thousand deaths, 78.0 thousand birth, 30.0 thousand infectious disease, 2.500.0 thousand visits to health facilities, 800.0 thousand inpatient admissions are registered as data entry to the database. The current version H-info 3.0 was launched in Jan 2014 with nationwide operations; however, little improvements were made since then, due to lack of prioritization, and budgetary constraints.


Further improvements of the software, its interfaces for data entry, and reporting formats are timely, and the needs are twofold:

  • The registration and reporting forms are now revised (Health Minister#s order dated Dec 30, 2019 ref# #/611) yet, there has not been respective follow-up actions, and technical supports;
  • Rooms for improvement in terms of data accuracy, frequency of reporting and analysis, their applicability have been identified, at least for better estimation and reporting of seasonal disease burdens incl. MCH outcome during winter months
  • With ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, and according to UN inter-agency response plan, it was identified as one of the priority actions to monitor, detect and early act on health service disruptions. However, the current reporting templates does not support real-time data presentation or a dashboard of the service provision.


The proposed improvements will help data quality and accountability which eventually feeds into better accuracy of estimates and measurements of the national progress against SDG targets, including MCH ones.

For detailed information download the file.

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