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For Soft Renovation for the UNICEF office at UN Building


UNICEF Mongolia office occupies 7th floor of UN House in Ulaanbaatar is planning to implement soft renovation on its own office to re-arrange office space to increase the number of workstations , to improve work efficiency and comfort of office environment. Over the last year, the number of staff has been increasing and it requires better planning for the sitting arrangement.  UNICEF occupies 600m2 space, inclusive 10 separate office, canteen, corridor and rest rooms.

Objective & Purpose:

The objective of this Terms of Reference is to identify a qualified potential contractor to undertake a renovation work for existing office of UNICEF Mongolia Country office within agreed cost and timeline with the best quality.

Scope of Works and Quantities:
The main scope of work for the contactor includes following:

  • Remove light weight, semi height partition walls 60m2
  • Demolish single layer partition brick walls 26m2
  • Removing wood finishes off from corridor walls 200m2
  • Removing 12 wooden doors.
  • Cover office floor by carpet tiles 527.4m2
  • Cover walls by acoustic panels 202m2
  • Painting office room walls 487m2
  • Plastering and painting of corridor walls 165m2
  • Install glass doors 10 for office rooms
  • Install 2 doors with 180 degree/2 two way opening at toilet entrance.
  • Set up partition glass wall for a new meeting room and 2 office rooms. 73.4m2
  • Plastering & painting of ceiling 527.4m2
  • Install curtain for all windows
  • Network cable wiring works from socket to workstation


Basic requirements for contractor.

1. Minimum Requirements of the contractor:

  • The contractor must be a construction company registered in Mongolia with relevant professional license of construction work in category of /##-8.1/ or /2.1.1; 2.1.1*/
  • Contractor must have at least 5 years of working experience in construction industry as contractor, and the previous experience of similar projects would be an advantage for bidders.
  • A minimum record of 3 similar projects must be provided in form of a list with contact details of previous clients.


2. Minimum requirements of the contractor#s key personnel:

At the proposal submission stage, the bidder will submit a staffing structure with qualified, experienced and competent professionals at the stated levels and positions. Specific personnel required for the duration of the project. The contractor#s minimum staff requirement and qualification shall be as per the below:

  • 1 Project Manager as a focal point to communicate with UNICEF
  • 1 Full time, on-site Supervising Engineer with minimum 5 years of professional experience
  • Other skilled workers.


Note: The Contractor is fully responsible for the safety, accommodation, meal, transport and any other needs of the all staffs to be employed for this project during the execution period.

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