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UNICEF Mongolia representative Roberto Benes meeting Minister for Foreign Affairs Luvsanvandan Bold

The Government of Mongolia has been UNICEF's longest partner. UNICEF works in close collaboration with all levels of government, from national to village level, to catalyze positive social change. 

UNICEF works in particular with the following government agencies:

      · Ministry of Education and Science meds.gov.mn

UNICEF works with the Ministry of Education and Science to ensure all children have access to quality early childhood, primary and secondary education. One area that we are focusing on is improving access to education for children with disabilities. UNICEF is also working with the Ministry of Education and Science to improve water, sanitation and hygiene facilities at schools across Mongolia.

      · Ministry of Finance www.mof.gov.mn

UNICEF engages with the Ministry of Finance to advocate for greater investment in children. This work primarily focuses on increased spending on children in the national and local budgets.

      · Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection www.khun.gov.mn

UNICEF works with the Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection on a range of issues from child poverty, social protection and the impacts of mining on children. UNICEF supports the Ministry of Population and Social Protection through funding and technical support.

      · National Authority of Children www.nac.gov.mn

UNICEF collaborates with the National Authority of Children (NAC) to promote and protect child rights. UNICEF works extensively with NAC on a range of issues affecting children, from life skills to child protection.

UNICEF and NAC also carry out research on children together. UNICEF supports NAC to monitor the situation of children by supporting routine statistical update and conducting research and analyses.

      · Ministry of Health http://www.mohs.mn/

      UNICEF has been collaborating works with the MOHS to strengthen its capacity to implement essential child health and nutrition services including immunization, micronutrient supplementation, elimination of infectious diseases, and maternal and newborn care. UNICEF supports the MOHS to introduce new interventions and innovative technology to save children’s life, more recently on legislation of child health care services.  

      · National Statistical Office http://www.nso.mn/

Collection of high quality data disaggregated by number of socioeconomic and other background characteristics to facilitate production of new statistics as well as to boost the research and analyses. Social Indicator Sample Survey which is a part of the global MICS programme is a flagship example of collaboration of UNICEF and NSO.  

      · Nalaikh and Khuvsgul province governments www.khovsgol.gov.mnwww.nad.ub.gov.mn/



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