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The importance of child stimulation is crucial for a good start into life for each child, but in Mongolia the importance of child development is rather low. For children from 0-5 years the emphasis lies primarily on health and nutrition. The development of psycho-social and cognitive stimulation for children from 0-2 years, when most of the child’s brain development takes place, is only just beginning. Home-based activities like breast-feeding and child stimulation are being promoted.

Developmental delays affect the children’s ability to learn in school. These delays result from under-nutrition, including low levels of iodine, iron, and protein energy, lack of learning opportunities in the first 2-4 years of life, and chronic infections. Interventions to improve nutritional status, or to create a more stimulating learning environment for young children, can result in significant improvements in school entry, performance, and eventual productivity – with an estimated return of $17 for each $1 spent in some situations.

The new growth chart includes milestones for the development of children and has been approved by the Ministry of Health. It will be implemented on a national scale, thus bringing growth components together with developmental aspects of children, so that parents, caregivers and service providers will have a better understanding of the milestones for development.

The approval of the Integrated Early Childhood Development policy and a clear operational guideline will help the country build a strong basis to give children a ‘good start’ in life.



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