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Establishing Voluntary Counseling and Testing services in Mongolia

The National Strategy on HIV/AIDS Prevention was revised in 2006 and it outlines 12 main intervention areas, one of which is establishment of Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) services.

The step-by-step advocacy efforts undertaken by UNICEF among high and middle level decision makers resulted in the establishment of the National VCT Working Group lead by  MOH and comprised of representatives from all the key stakeholders, including  MOH, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, World Vision, Mongolian Red Cross Society, GTZ, Marie Stopes International, National AIDS Foundation and representatives of PLWHA and MSM.

VCT action plan for 2006-2010 was developed jointly and it clearly articulates the roles and responsibilities of each of the agencies involved. In order to effectively implement the identified activities, it was agreed to involve all key stakeholders in decision-making, policy-formulation and implementation of activities on an equal partnership basis.

In order to establish and expand VCT services nationwide within a one to two year timeframe, some agencies assumed the leadership in advocacy, policy development and resource mobilization issues while other agencies assumed the responsibility for capacity building of service providers and actual establishment of VCT centers nationwide.

UNICEF in collaboration with the National Center for Communicable Diseases, GTZ and The Global Fund ATM supported project organized a training of VCT trainers. In addition to that the National VCT Guidelines and service forms are being developed.




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