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Big week for children

It has been a week full of activities for children in Mongolia as the country celebrated the national children's day. The meeting of the National Council for Children (NCC), chaired by Prime Minister Altankhuyag Norov, approved the set-up of a helpline that will make a great difference for children in need of protection and is a further step towards the strengthening of a child protection system.

Celebrating children's day, several events took place across the country. All of them putting children at the forefront of their families and communities. Just to name a few, the Prime Minister kicked off the national celebrations for children's day with children from all over the city, high-level government officials, members of parliament and the UB city municipality.

Later in the day, President Elbegdorj Tsakhia inaugurated the astronomy museum accompanied by twenty children. On the eve of the 2013 election, the President along with the other presidential candidates signed a statement committing themselves to take all necessary actions to ensure child rights are fulfilled in Mongolia and that all child-related issues are treated as non-partisan. The children who participated in this opening represent children from every corner of Mongolia and were also part of the forum where these commitments were proposed. President Elbegdorj took the opportunity to renew his pledge to advocate for the rights of all children in Mongolia.

In addition, the Prime Minister, raising awareness of children's right to play and their need for safe recreation spaces joined children at the national park for a football match, among other leisure outdoor activities.

To culminate this series of events, the National Statistics Office UNICEF and UNFPA will launch this coming Thursday the results of the social indicators cluster survey (MICS round 5). This survey has several important features, as it is the largest household survey in the country and introduced the use of tablets for nationwide data collection. The survey is also combined with reproductive health survey and demographics health survey -- a first of such kind in Mongolia. Preliminary results show great progress in health, especially in relation to the reduction of child mortality and sustainable achievements reached in education. However, certain indicators continue to lag behind and the survey, the only one providing such level of disaggregated data, results show significant disparities in several social indicators when analyzed by wealth quintiles, region, location (urban/rural), household composition, among others. Detailed results will be released shortly through widely shared online access.

These events maximize build on the momentum already generated by the end violence against children campaign and are also part of the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the convention on the rights of the child (CRC), which emphasizes on the importance of data collection to make every child count.

Please see below pictures of the event:



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