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Representative addresses National Council for Children

The National Council for Children, in its new composition, convened for the first time on May 30, 2013. The high-level meeting was attended by the Prime Minister of Mongolia, who is Chair of the NCC, as well as other prominent officials that included Members of Parliament, Ministers, state secretaries, government officials and representatives of international organisations.
Mr. Mohamed Malick Fall, UNICEF Representative in Mongolia, addressed the Council. He highlighted in his speech the substantial disparities in children’s wellbeing that persist despite the country’s recent economic growth and the significant achievements of the Government of Mongolia towards fulfilling the rights of Mongolian children.
The Prime Minister of Mongolia, Mr. N. Altankhuyag, emphasised in his opening statement the importance of UNICEF’s continued engagement with the Government, particularly in the areas of sanitation, maternal and infant child health and nutrition. 
While the Council is mandated to convene quarterly, this meeting was the first in the preceding two years. However, given the success of the introductory meeting, the National Children’s Council will now meet quarterly. To this end, UNICEF has provided support the National Authority for Children, the Secretariat of the Council, to organise this meeting and regular future meetings, to ensure that the members of the Council are able to sustain momentum to continue to discuss emerging issues and the necessary actions.
UNICEF will continue to engage in advocacy and capacity-strengthening activities with Council members, particularly in the area of engagement on members’ responsibilities that stem from the Law on the Protection of the Rights of the Children.



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