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Mongolian President meets with children on the International Children's Day of Broadcasting

© UNICEF Mongolia/2005/Onon
President Enkhbayar with children

2005-12-12: The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting, observed on the second Sunday of every December, is a day when broadcasters around the world “Tune in to Kids”. The theme for ICDB 2005 is “Sport for Development and Peace.”

In Mongolia, in celebration of this day, it has become a tradition for children to meet with the President, and, in accordance with this year’s theme, Mr. N. Enkhbayar, President of Mongolia, met children who are preparing to become the sportsmen of the future, at the Temuujin Children’s Sport Training Center on 8 December 2005. 
More than 400 children from peri-urban areas of Ulaanbaatar are being trained in various wrestling styles and table tennis in the Temuujin Center, which was founded by a non-governmental organization, the Chingis Khan Charity Foundation, in September 2005. Temuujin is the childhood name of Chingis Khan.

The children demonstrated a variety of wrestling techniques and had an opportunity to discuss with the President. It is important to understand, Mr. Enkhbayar said, that first of all, sport is about learning to have mastery over oneself. With the help of sport we learn to overcome our own weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Only those who have first mastered their own selves, can achieve mastery over their fellow competitors.

The President shared, with the children, his own childhood memories of being a member of basketball league, through which he learned the importance of teamwork.  He stressed that we cannot win by physical strength alone. It is those with strong willpower who become winners. We need support and encouragement from others to develop that will power.

 He also pointed out the importance of learning to lose before we learn to win. Learning how to lose or to fail is very important in life. Only by failing and losing, can we learn the important lessons that are necessary for us to develop into winners.

The President emphasized that an environment needs to be created in which every child can fully enjoy all his/her rights, including the right to education, the right to health and the right to play.  But in Mongolia today, there are very few appropriate places for children to spend their free time.  In his role as President, Mr.Enkbayar is giving high priority to establishing sports centres and other spaces which are designed for children to spend their free time productively.

The children’s meeting with the President will be broadcast nationwide on Sunday, 11 December, the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting, 2005. 



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