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   School inclusion of children with disabilities. Sociological study

   The study was conducted by UNICEF Moldova in 2012 in partnership with the Institute for development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) „Viitorul”. The report presents the attitudes of pupils, parents and teachers towards school inclusion of children with disabilities.




   The evaluation of the “Reform of the juvenile justice system in Moldova” project report for 2008-2011 says that due to changes in the justice system in recent years the number of children in detention has decreased by 68%, custodial sentences are imposed only for serious and extremely serious crimes and/or if minors get repeatedly before the courts of law.

   The evaluation report was developed and published with methodological and financial support of UNICEF Moldova and Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). 

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  The Evaluation Report of the “Child Friendly School Initiative in the Republic of Moldova” (2007-2011) was elaborated as per Ministry of  Education and UNICEF suggestion by an independent consultant from Romania and The Resource Centre for Human Rights – CReDO NGO form Moldova. Data was collected in November 2011. The report presents the findings of the evaluation and gives recommendations for further extending the initiative at the national level.



Education in the Republic of Moldova

  The publication contains main statistical indicators that characterize the educational system of the country during the period 2002-2011. Data are presented by educational levels: pre-primary, primary, day school, secondary vocational, secondary specialized, higher, doctoral and postdoctoral.

   International statistics and methodological notes are given in the publication.

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 Children of Moldova

  The statistical publication "Children of Moldova" summarizes the main indicators characterizing the child’s situation in the Republic of Moldova during the years 2000-2010. The publication is structured into 10 chapters which contain data on such aspects as: demography, children health and education, juvenile justice, social protection, situation of family with children etc.

   The publication has been developed with the financial support of the UNICEF office in the Republic of Moldova and published within the framework of the joint UN Project on Strengthening the National Statistical System of the Republic of Moldova.




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