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Maternal and Child Health Equity Analysis

  The study describes and assesses the extent of inequalities in maternal and child indicators in the Republic of Moldova. The situation analysis focuses on the differences in various categories and to confirm whether and if these groups, of the child and woman populations, of the country may suffer disproportionately.

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Schools and Institutions Audit on the Quality of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Practices in Schools

  The study was developed by the National Center for Public Health, with UNICEF Modova's assistance and reflects relevant data on the quality of  water, sanitation and hygienic practices in all those more than 1500 schools from Moldova and the impact of these on the health and development of

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Evaluation of Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Initiative in the Republic of Moldova 2000-2010

   The Republic of Moldova was among the first countries in the WHO European Region to implement the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) Initiative starting in 1998 as the most cost-efficient strategies of improvement of mother and child care. This Evaluation analyzes IMCI 2000 – 2010 project interventions in the wider context of Mother and Child Health Care system in Moldova.

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