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Evaluation report: Implementation of the national strategy and action plan for the reform of the residential childcare system in Moldova 2007-2012
   The Government of the Republic of Moldova launched its childcare reforms in 2006 aiming to establish a network of community social assistants, develop family support services and alternative family placement services, and reorganize residential childcare institutions. The National Strategy and Action Plan for the Reform of the Residential Childcare System 2007–2012 was approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in July 2007. This evaluation, carried out between March and June 2012, examines implementation of the National Strategy and Action Plan. The evaluation was conducted with the methodological and financial support of UNICEF Moldova, complemented by financial contribution of the OAK Foundation.

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Assessment of the child care system in Moldova

  This report assesses the progress made in the reform of the child care system in Moldova up to 2009. It’s both retrospective-analysing the successes an challenges of the reform so far,and the impediments to reform, from the perspective of different stakeholders-and forward-looking, indicating entry points for further support to the reform process.

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Report on evaluating the cost of non-action in the implementation of the National Strategy on Reforming the Residential Child Care System for the years of 2007-2012

  This Report aimed at analysing the economic, financial and social impact and the mid-term and long-term perspectives for the children integration into the society in the context of the residential child care system reform. The Study outcomes serve as basis for providing further support to the Government of the RM, particularly to the social-related ministries in promoting the de-institutionalisation process. The Report was produced in 2010 based on a Case Study initiated by UNICEF.

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Child abandonment in the Republic of Moldova

  The study’s goal was to measure the phenomenon of abandonment in our country in order to search for adequate solutions to reducing abandonment and developing assistance services for the abandoned child as well as for families at risk of child abandonment. The study was carried out in 2005 by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family with technical and financial support of UNICEF Moldova.

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