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Research study: “Assessment of regulatory framework and practice in criminal proceedings involving children in the Republic of Moldova

   The report seeks to analyse the justice for children normative framework in Moldova against international standards, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, UN guidelines and the Council of Europe child rights instruments. It then considers the practical implementation of the existing laws and procedures in order to identify key gaps, inform future policy and programme development and suggest areas for further research in the area of justice for children. The study is an independent publication commissioned by the Ministry of Justice with the support of UNICEF Moldova.

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Research study: ”The torture and ill-treatment of children in the context of juvenile justice in the Republic of Moldova”
The Research provides a deep analysis about the use of torture or other forms of abuse against children in the justice system, based on interviews with 42 juveniles from various places from detention and professionals from different fields who provide juvenile assistance.

   The research was conducted in 2012 by the Center for Human Rights of Moldova and the Rehabilitation Center of Torture Victims “Memoria” within a UNICEF-EU project.

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   The evaluation of the “Reform of the juvenile justice system in Moldova” project report for 2008-2011 says that due to changes in the justice system in recent years the number of children in detention has decreased by 68%, custodial sentences are imposed only for serious and extremely serious crimes and/or if minors get repeatedly before the courts of law.

   The evaluation report was developed and published with methodological and financial support of UNICEF Moldova and Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). 

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REPORT on the implementation of alternatives to detention for juveniles

  The study was conducted by the Institute for Penal Reform, supported by UNICEF Moldova and reflects the progress, achievements and challenges of the juvenile justice system during the effort of implementation of the alternatives to detention for children: probation, community service, mediation etc.





Study on Feasibility of Child Friendly courts/Judges in Moldova

   This study was conducted in 2011 by the Institute for Penal Reform at the request of UNICEF-Moldova, having the duty to consider whether the conditions of specialization of courts in cases involving children.




Assessment of Juvenile Justice Reform Achievements in Moldova

  The assessment mission took place from 25 May to 5 June 2009. The team consisted of Dan O’Donnell, international consultant, and two national consultants: Vasile Rotaru and Victor Zaharia. The conclusions and recommendations of the assessment are presented in this report, produced with UNICEF support in 2010.

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Juvenile Justice in Eastern and South Eastern Europe

Contains a set of materials developed on the occasion of the international Forum Juvenile Justice in Eastern and South Eastern Europe which held in Chisinau on September 14-16, 2005.




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