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Child Labour in Republic of Moldova: the results of the statistical research 2009 on chilren’s activities

  The research conducted in 2009 by the National Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with ILO and UNICEF, examines "child labour” - the dimensions, causes and characteristics of this phenomenon in Republic of Moldova.

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Report on evaluating the cost of non-action in the implementation of the National Strategy on Reforming the Residential Child Care System for the years of 2007-2012

  This Report aimed at analysing the economic, financial and social impact and the mid-term and long-term perspectives for the children integration into the society in the context of the residential child care system reform. The Study outcomes serve as basis for providing further support to the Government of the RM, particularly to the social-related ministries in promoting the de-institutionalisation process. The Report was produced in 2010 based on a Case Study initiated by UNICEF.

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The impact of migration on older people and children in Moldova

  The publication "The effects of migration on older people and children in Moldova" is the first study of its kind in Moldova that analyzes the effects of migration on families left behind, namely the children of migrant parents and older people caring for them.

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Assessment of Juvenile Justice Reform Achievements in Moldova

  The assessment mission took place from 25 May to 5 June 2009. The team consisted of Dan O’Donnell, international consultant, and two national consultants: Vasile Rotaru and Victor Zaharia. The conclusions and recommendations of the assessment are presented in this report, produced with UNICEF support in 2010.

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Schools and Institutions Audit on the Quality of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Practices in Schools

  The study was developed by the National Center for Public Health, with UNICEF Modova's assistance and reflects relevant data on the quality of  water, sanitation and hygienic practices in all those more than 1500 schools from Moldova and the impact of these on the health and development of

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Maternal and Child Health Equity Analysis

  The study describes and assesses the extent of inequalities in maternal and child indicators in the Republic of Moldova. The situation analysis focuses on the differences in various categories and to confirm whether and if these groups, of the child and woman populations, of the country may suffer disproportionately.

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Family knowledge, attitudes and practices in the area of Early Childhood Care and Development 2009

  The summary report of the national survey conducted by UNICEF in partnership with the Ministry of Education analyses the  knowledge, attitudes and practices  of families having children at early age (0-7 years).

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