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Assessment of the child care system in Moldova

  This report assesses the progress made in the reform of the child care system in Moldova up to 2009. It’s both retrospective-analysing the successes an challenges of the reform so far,and the impediments to reform, from the perspective of different stakeholders-and forward-looking, indicating entry points for further support to the reform process.

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Situation Analysis of Youth in Moldova

  The study was conducted by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives "Viitorul", with financial support of UNICEF Moldova. The objective of the research was to assess the  situation of adolescents and youth, educational opportunities, access to health services, leisure, participation, demographics and youth policies.

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Adolescent Health and Development: Mid-Term Review of the 2007-2011 Program of Cooperation between the Moldovan Government and UNICEF

  The study was conducted by the Ministry of Health with UNICEF Moldova support to assess the adolescents health and development, the problems they face and the policies in this particular area.

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Equitable Access to quality education: Mid-Term Review of the Country Programme UNICEF- Government of Moldova (2007-2012)

   The Report presents an evaluation of the progress and challenges faced by the education sector in Moldova in ensuring universal access to quality education. The assessed aspects of the education system were identified in accordance with the main directions of the 2007-2012 Program of Cooperation between the Moldovan Government and UNICEF. It was produced in 2009.

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Evaluation of Prevention of HIV Mother to Child Transmission Services in the Republic of Moldova

  The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the quality and comprehensiveness of the PMTCT services in the Republic of Moldova, as well as to evaluate the preparedness of the whole health system to provide quality PMTCT services. The evaluation conducted in 2009 included an internal evaluation performed by a national team under the supervision of Ministry of Health and an external evaluation conducted by an international independent consultant.




Impact of the Economic Crisis on Poverty and Social Exclusion in the Republic of Moldova

  The study was produced by the United Nations Agencies, the Government of Republic of Moldova and the World Bank in Moldova. The research reflects the impact of the economic crisis on the living standards for poorer households, where cuts in expenditure are sensitive to social welfare.

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Assessment and Recommendation on Child Disability Prevention and Care System in Moldova

  The paper analyses the real situation of children with disabilities in Early Intervention, Inclusive Education and Social Protection sectors in Moldova. It helps answer the questions how and in what way those barriers to the participation of children with disabilities as full members of their communities should fall. It was produced under the request of UNICEF Moldova in 2009.

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