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The situation of Roma Children in Moldova

  As in other countries, the Roma population in Moldova and particularly Roma children face social exclusion and social problems. For identification of these causes it was necessary to carry out an investigation of the existing situation of Roma children. In 2007-2008, UNICEF Moldova supported the survey carried out by the European Roma Rights Centre in close cooperation with the Union of Young Roma ' Tarna Rom'.




Baseline study on HIV risk behaviour among most at risk adolescents (MARA)

  The study has been conducted by National Centre of Health Management in 2008. The research was focused on the most at risk adolescents to get HIV: young injecting drug users, juveniles in detention, young men having sex with men, young female commercial sex workers to characterize their high risk behavior, access to services, its main obstacles, if any.

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Baseline Study on Basic Education from the Perspective of Child Friendly School

  The baseline study was conducted by a team of experts from the Ministry of Education and reflects the state of basic education in Moldova and what are its strengths and weaknesses; to what extent do Moldova schools meet the requirements set out for child-friendly schools; what else must be done, both at central and local levels, for the schools to become friendly to all the children in Moldova

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