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The Smile of a Happy Child

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The Smile of a Happy Child

© UNICEF Moldova
© UNICEF Moldova/2012
„Until recently Lenuta’s wish was to live in a family. Now it has become a reality„

   In the „5 Hills” village, as Bestemac is called, we found Lenuta. She is 12 years old and one can hardly imagine her without a smile on her face. Even so, she has had enough difficult moments in her life.

   She attended the auxiliary boarding school in Sarata Noua, but she does not like to remember or talk about that period of time in her life. The main reason to go there was the difficult condition of the family where she was born.

  The CCF Moldova project "Equal Opportunities for All Children in Sarata Noua", implemented together with UNICEF, has made possible Lenuta’s reintegration into the family, school and society. Unlike other children, Lenuţa did not go back to her biological family. Her mother is addicted to alcohol and the best solution in her case was to place her in a foster family.

  A New Family

  In August, the little girl was placed in the foster family of Tatiana and Ion Mişoglo in Beştemac, Leova and she was enrolled in the Vth grade of the local secondary school.

  When they decided to become foster parents, they did not think about having more concerns or benefitting from additional incomes. „Why not do something good?”, Ion wondered.
However, their main motivation had an emotional connotation. In the past, their family suffered the tragic loss of a little girl, who now would have been of Lenuta`s age. Therefore they never doubted when they were called and told about Lenuta. Ion was at work in Moscow then, so Tatiana was the one who brought the girl home.

  „Aunt Tanea, aunt Tanea – I’ve got presents!”

  When they came home, it was already 11 o’clock and like any caring mother, she asked Lenuta if she wanted to have a tea or eat something. Lenuta’s reaction was really unexpected: "Aunt Tanea, but can we eat now? Shouldn’t we wait until tonight?"

  At her age of 12 years, this child was not used to having meals in the family more than 2 times per day.

  Soon Ion came back from Moscow and thought it would be nice to bring some presents. The way the girl behaved seeing them, was another surprise for the family. She was so happy, that she started running through the house and shouting: "Aunt Tanea, aunt Tanea – for the first time in my life I got presents!"

© UNICEF Moldova
© UNICEF Moldova/2012
„Lenuta and her best friend Cornelia at Romanian lesson„

  The Chance to Dream

  After having brought Lenuta into our home, we have heard many nasty comments from villagers. "What do you need it for? Can’t you make your own kids?" some of them said, even though Ion and Tatiana have two children – Dumitru and Ionel. However, the young people ignore their words. There is a real caring attitude and affection for children in Misoglo family. This is a model foster family, where the child in need is protected, cared for and helped in his/her reintegration into the society.

  During an exercise in class, when asked about what was her greatest wish, Lenuta wrote: „I want aunt Tanea and uncle Ion to be my parents”.

  In school she is helped by support teachers, but also by her class mates. She is perfectly integrated into school and her school performance is great, better than expected. She says she wants to become a singer, because she likes how her desk-mate is singing.

  Who knows? Maybe she will become a singer. She is very responsible and hardworking, a fact confirmed both by teachers and the foster parents.

  UNICEF encourages all these children not only to dream, but also to follow their dream. Until recently their wish was to return to their families. Now it has become a reality.






„Equal Opportunities for All Children in Sarata Noua”
March 2011- December 2013
Assessment and reintegration into the family of 114 children attending the auxiliary boarding school in Sarata Noua, coming from 8 rayons (Cantemir, Leova, Cimişlia, Hânceşti, Basarabeasca, Cahul, Ialoveni, Chişinău):
CCF Moldova with UNICEF support


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