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Saving the future of a 17-year old girl

UNICEF//August 2008. Tatiana Curosu at her workplace.

"When I heard about the Dacia Center, I felt it was a chance to improve my life.” remembers Tatiana. "I went to the Mayor’s Office every day to ask when can we go there. I had never left my village and had no idea where it was or how to get there but I was certain that I had to go and visit that Center."

Tatiana Curosu lives with her grandparents in a  village, after her father, an alcohol addict, abandoned the family. Tatiana stopped going to school: she had to work and help her grandparents.  

Tatiana got help at the Dacia Center and her life changed. The Center sponsored her specialized tailoring courses and soon she was employed at the largest garment factory in town. The Center also subsidized Tatiana’s salary for the first months of her employment until she was able to support herself.

"My wish came true – I work at one of the best factories in town. Every day, the company bus picks me up and brings me to work. My working conditions are good and I make enough money to help my grandparents. I have many friends and feel self-confident. I know what I want in the future.” shared Tatiana.

In two years of its activity, the Center has reached over 10 thousand young people like Tatiana. Mobile units have gone from village to village looking for vulnerable teenagers and offering them help.

"We aim to integrate young people that can benefit from our services.” says Ion Babici, director of Dacia Center. " We try to teach them to think positively, and avoid theft, illegal work abroad, and smuggling".

UNICEFAugust 2008. The Youth Resource Centre “Dacia” in Soroca.

During the last 5 years, over 80 Youth Resource Centers have been established throughout Moldova. In  2007,  the Moldovan Government recognized the Centers as models of excellence. The Government has expressed a commitment to support the existing services and open more youth centers all over the country. 




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