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"The OneMinJr. made me see light where I could see nothing but darkness” – Tudor Culeanu

He was living and attending the Straseni boarding school when he decided to participate within the “One Minute Junior” workshop organized by UNICEF Moldova and the Youth Media Centre. 

Then, in 2009, Tudor produced a film about his mother who went to Moscow, the sad feeling of missing her and the unbounded desire to see his 8 brothers and sisters together. His mother saw the movie, but she didn’t return home. Now Tudor is 19 years old and attends a college from the capital.

When I participated within the “One Minute Junior Films workshop” I was only 14 and the desire to see my mother gave me strength to go on.  The workshop was a real chance for me. It made me see light where I could see nothing but darkness. I hoped my mother would see the movie and will return home”, remembers the young man.

After the movie was launched, Tudor was invited to a TV show. The changes that have occurred into his life gave him more confidence. He was just a kid and the movie was a way of expressing his greatest wish: „Mom, please come back home!” This was the message I wrote on a trainin the hope that it will be seen by her. But my mother did not come back.”

Tudor during an interview after the launch of his movie

After the age of 15, the young man had to leave the boarding institution. Perhaps those six older brothers of his would have helped him, but the support came from some American citizens settled down in Moldova.

The new family provided Tudor with all the support he needed: “They helped me. And I speak not only in terms of financial aid. It is amazing to have alongside people who support you and offer you not only material “food” but spiritual one. It is wonderful to see them when I woke up in the morning, to hear them greeting me and wishing me good luck”.

Tudor and his mother from US

More than that, after a period of time, the family that came from the United States adopted also the two younger sisters of Tudor, who remained into the boarding school from Straseni.

When asked what he remembers about the years he spent in the boarding school,Tudor says that the boarding school was actually his rescue. “The boarding school gave me the opportunity to learn. And the boarding school workers were those who strove to give me a good upbringing. They gave me clothing, food and a warm place to sleep. I grew up, at least, in safe conditions”, says the young man.

Tudor during the interview

Now Tudor has big dreams for the future. After graduating from college, he plans to go to university. He wants to become a lawyer and help children in need. He is no longer upset with his mother, but if today he would participate into a video workshop his film would be about his new family and the events that have marked his life during the last few years.

He wants to live differently than his biological parents did and he dreams having a big and united family: „I will never leave my family alone. I'll take it with me wherever I go”, says Tudor.

The movie made by Tudor 5 years ago is available here: 



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