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Young people from Moldova are better informed about health issues as a result of the National Campaign “Investing in Youth Health”

© UNICEF Moldova
© UNICEF Moldova, 2014

CHIŞINĂU, August 12, 2014 – Hundreds of adolescents from the Republic of Moldova have participated in the activities aiming at informing about and promoting the healthy lifestyle in the framework of the “Investing in Youth Health” which was implemented starting with July 11 till August 12, 2014. The results of the Campaign were presented in the framework of an out-door press-conference organized on August 12 in the Stefan cel mare Public Garden, on the occasion of the International Youth Day. 

The Minister of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova, Octavian Bodișteanu, declared that the celebration of the International Youth Day demonstrated once again the role and the importance of young people in our society. “The Ministry of Youth and Sports has supported and will continue to support the activities which have the aim to invest in youth potential”, declared Minister. 

During the one-month Campaign, the 38 Youth Friendly Health Centers organized open doors events for young people and youth organizations implemented awareness-raising actions in summer camps. 

„Young people need highly reliable information in order to be able to take responsible and informed decisions regarding their health. We are glad that this Campaign contributed to the promotion of the services of the Youth Friendly Health Centers from all rayons of Moldova. We hope that this way more adolescents and young people will access these qualitative and friendly services in order to have a secured and healthy future” said Nicolae Jelamschi, State Secretary, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova.

Nune Mangasaryan, UN Resident Coordinator Ad-Interim, underlined that the right to healthcare has to be assured each day. “Young people are the present and the future of this country. We need accessible and friendly services especially in rural areas in order to reach the most vulnerable people. Young people play a crucial role in the framework of this process and I encourage them to promote the healthy lifestyle everyday”.

The National Campaign „Investing in Youth Health” gathered a range of initiatives in the Republic of Moldova, including in Transnistrian region, which were supported by United Nations Organization in the Republic of Moldova, , such as awareness–raising activities of the peer-to-peer educators Y-PEER in Nisporeni, Orhei, Ialoveni summer camps, flash-mob organized by the Youth Media Center with the theme “Healthy T-Shirt”, visits to Youth Friendly Health Centers, discussions with volunteers in order to identify creative message in promoting the healthcare services.


© UNICEF Moldova
© UNICEF Moldova, 2014

A special attention during the Campaign was paid to the young people with special needs. Adolescents with sight deficiency from both banks of Nistru river benefited from consultancies offered free of charge by Norwegian and Moldovan doctors. 16 young people with sight deficiency from both banks of Nistru river organized a photo exhibition in Stefan cel Mare Public Garden. 

As a part of the Campaign, Moldova supported the #healthyselfie global initiative where young people, decision-makers and general public promoted the healthy lifestyle on the social media. 

Doru Curosu, President of the National Youth Council of Moldova, made a call for action to all the decision makers and international organizations to invest more in young people, especially in their health. “We address a call for actions also to young people to be more active and to get involved in the community life because the present and the future belongs to them” he declared.

“Investing in Youth Health” Campaign was organized by the Government of Moldova in partnership with the youth organizations and UN Agencies – UN Population Fund (UNFPA), UNICEF, and UNDP, in order to raise awareness about the risky behaviors among the young people and to promote the youth friendly healthcare services existing in Moldova.

The press-conference was followed by a friendly football match organized by the National Youth Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sport. 


August 12 was declared International Youth Day by the UN General Assembly in 1999. The world today has its largest generation of youth in history – 1.8 billion young people with enormous potential to help tackle the major challenges facing humanity.

Young People in Moldova represent 1/4 of population. Key challenges faced by young people in Moldova include early and unsafe sexual practices, increasing HIV rates, abuse of tobacco, alcohol and drugs and lack of communication with their parents. In the framework of the National Consultations regarding the Future Moldova Wants, young people declared that they want a better education, a healthy lifestyle and enrolment in the working field opportunities in a more united, tolerant and sustainable society. 


Ioana Isac , Communication Coordinator, National Youth Council of Moldova, Mob: 068123081; 

Ganna Iovchu, Communication Associate, UNFPA Moldova, Mob: 068988015;  




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