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The families with children in Moldova need more support from the state, a new Expert-Grup Study shows

© UNICEF Moldova, 2014
© UNICEF Moldova, 2014

 Chisinau, 8 July 2014 - The families with children in the Republic of Moldova need more support from the state, shows the new study “Policies of support for families with children: a policy vision from the European Union and recommendations for the Republic of Moldova”. The Study was elaborated by Expert-Grup with UNICEF’s support and was launched publicly at a round-table organized on July 8, in Chisinau.

In the last years, an important progress has been registered in the area of child and family protection. However, after studying the practice of the EU member states, the study shows many directions in which additional state interventions are needed, in particular:

-       The need to develop state and private nurseries for younger children, to enable the parents to work and generate sufficient incomes for the families. At present the kindergartens accept children from the age of 3 years old, while 20 years ago these accepted children from 1.5 years old;

-       The need to introduce the paid paternal leave of 2 weeks offered to fathers when a child is born. This is one of the current Government initiatives, which is now under examination in the Parliament;

-       The need to introduce the right of pregnant women employees to pass all relevant antenatal medical tests during working hours. A European best practice is to offer a certain maximum number of working hours, without recuperation and without a salary cut, during the pregnancy period before the start of the maternity leave at 30 weeks of pregnancy;

-       The need to double the existing income tax exemption offered to an employee for every child;

-       The need to provide support for all families with children, particularly for the ones at higher poverty risk: the families with 3 or more children and single parent families.

Other recommendations of the study refer to the social policy, health policy, fiscal policy, Labor Code provisions, childcare and educational services, access to information and many others. These measures require an inter-sectorial approach and close collaboration between the ministries and the Parliament.

For more details regarding the measures proposed for each sector, please refer to the attached info-graphic, as well as the 3rd chapter of the study, which will be available shortly on the website of the Expert-Grup ( and UNICEF (

For contact:

Radu Marian, Communication and PR Specialist, Expert-Grup, email:

Constanta Popescu, Director of Program, Expert-Grup, email:

The report was elaborated with the financial support of the UNICEF Moldova in the partnership project Parliament-EXPERT-GRUP aimed at promoting the policies based on evidence and results. The statements and conclusions in this study belong to the authors and do not necessarily represent the position or the opinion of the donors.






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