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A memorable day for nearly 280 children in Moldova

 1 June, 2014 - Michael and Radu are two Moldovan boys who have never visited the capital of the country, Chisinau. Nor have they seen a real theatre performance or a trolley-bus. Unlike city children who are more likely to have access to educational and recreational activities, children from rural areas are not as lucky. This is because either poverty or family attitudes prevent parents from taking them to the theatre, cinema or other places of entertainment.


                                                           ©UNICEF Moldova, 2014 

 Children at the puppet theatre for children – Licurici – in Chisinau.

International Children’s Day on 1 June 2014 will be memorable for Michael and Radu, as well as for almost 280 children from all over Moldova, who had the chance to come to Chisinau and see a children’s play at the puppet theatre for children – Licurici.

Children from ten districts of the country, including children with disabilities, refugees, Roma and vulnerable boys and girls, attended the event. They enjoyed watching a national fairy tale called „The two step-sisters”, which is an inspiring story about moral values and virtues such as hard work, fairness and kindness.

Children were impressed by Chisinau and especially its public transport. Ten-year-old Michael, for example, is from Ceadâr Lunga, a city in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia in the south. Up until 1 June, he did not know what a trolley-bus looked like.. “I liked Chisinau. It's big, beautiful. The buildings are tall and buses run on threads here,” he said.

The group coordinator from Ceadâr Lunga, Olesea Topală, confirmed that this event was unique for many children. “Our children do not go anywhere. I could see the enthusiasm in their eyes. Today's event was a surprise, a trip and a joy to the children who can’t afford these type of activities.”

The day was also special for Radu, who comes from a central district called Hincesti. The boy was born into a Roma family. Today he felt very good being here with other children, making new friends. “I don’t know all the kids here, but I like it. I have not been to the theatre before. It's big, exciting. I liked the drawings on the wall and the actors.”

Even parents who accompanied some of the children were impressed. “My daughter, Maria, who is nine years old, didn’t know if it's true or not what she saw on the stage. Stars were lit during the show and she asked me if the night came,” said one of the mothers.

The children’s theatre event was attended by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, Monica Babuc, and UNICEF Representative in Moldova, Nune Mangasaryan. The Minister congratulated the children and said that “fairy tales are wise and help them learn new things.”

                                                           ©UNICEF Moldova, 2014

Nune Mangasaryan warmly welcomed the little ones and said: “It's a pleasure to be here with you today. I am glad you came to Chisinau to see this show and I hope you enjoy it. I wish you a bright future and many more days like this, not only for Children’s Day, but every day.”

The children’s outing was organized by the Youth Media Center, with the support of UNICEF Moldova and the Ministry of Culture, as part of a series of events dedicated to International Children’s Day..

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Video: International Children’s Day in Moldova, 2014


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