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Children from Moldova expressed through drawings what a caring family means to them

   Chisinau, March 4, 2014: 40 children 9–18 years of age from Moldova were awarded in a drawing competition about family care. They received diplomas and painting sets for expressing their opinions about what a loving and caring family means to them. The national drawing competition "My family raises me with care" was organized by the Ministry of Education and UNICEF in partnership with Youth Media Centre NGO to promote a non-violent education among children, parents, and teachers.

© UNICEF Moldova / 2014 /Diana Pinzari
National drawing competition "My family raises me with care" awarding ceremony

   More than 800 children from all over the country took part in the contest, including the Transnistrian region and Gagauzia as well as children from the Goian penitenciary. The best 150 works were presented in an exhibition at the „Artico” Centre for Children and Youth in Chisinau with participation of children, parents and teachers. The awarding event organized on Tuesday, 4th of March, 2014, was attended by the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Liliana Palihovici, Minister of Education, Maia Sandu, and Representative of UNICEF in Moldova, Nuné Mangasaryan.

   „Not to go abroad”, „to always be near”, „to play with children”, „to ensure a healthy life style”, „to educate children without violence” — these are just a few of the messages expressed by children through their drawings. “The works are representative of the issues in the country. The contest was attended by a record number of participants, which shows that children want to be heard and want to feel the care of their parents”, Nuné Mangasaryan, Representative of UNICEF in Moldova, said.

   Cristina, one of the winners of the contest, said that her parents went to work abroad before she was two years old. They returned after seven years, but Cristina remembers that she „felt her childhood was different than that of her friends”. „By participating in this contest I wanted to express my happiness when I am surrounded by my parents' love and care”, the girl said.

   Many of the children's drawings submitted to the contest speak about upbringing practices and patterns of behavior that persist in Moldovan families. Most of the drawings capture the domestic activities divided among family members. Men are usually portrayed resting in the armchair and reading newspapers, while the mothers are the ones taking care of the household and the children. At the same time, the drawings illustrate children’s dreams and wishes. Most of the paintings illustrate families with four members — a mother, a father, and two children.

   The drawing contest „My family raises me with care” was organized in 2013 as part of a broader communication campaign to promote non-violent education entitled „Protect my childhood”. The campaign run by UNICEF in partnership with the Government, private sector and civil society aims to reduce violence against children by informing the population about positive parenting practices.

   The drawings exhibition will be available to the public at the „Artico” Center for Children and Youth in Chisinau (Stefan cel Mare, 169 street) until the end of April.

   UNICEF is also promoting the best drawings in the social media. Every day in the period of 5-15 March 2014 UNICEF Moldova is posting on its Facebook page ( two drawings along with children’s photos and their messages to promote their voices and make them heard.

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