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Children in Moldova express themselves about the future they want

UNICEF Moldova
© UNICEF Moldova / 2012 /Dan Gutu
Children reflect on the future they want during the Post-2015 consultations held in Chisinau on 20 November

   On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, on 19-20 November in Chisinau, capital of Moldova, was organized the National Children's Forum. During the forum more than 70 children had working sessions and met with representatives of the Government, Parliament and UNICEF. A special session of the Forum was devoted to national consultations on Post-2015 agenda - a platform for public consultations launched by the UN globally to collect citizens' opinions and determine development priorities after 2015, when the Millennium Development Goals ‘agenda  will be  finished.

   In an open and interactive format, moderated by two experts specialized in working with children, participants tried for an hour to reflect on their expectations of the future. The participants – mostly vulnerable children: children from poor families, children who have graduated the orphanages, Roma, children with disabilities – provided creative and valuable responses. Most of them want a secure future in their own country to enjoy quality education, friendly health services and a society free of prejudice and discrimination. "We are faced every day with a lot of problems, and here we have the opportunity to report the situation from our point of view. Not many times we are asked about how we want to see our future, "said one participant in the session. She believes that one of the major problems of her town is to adapt the infrastructure to the needs of children with disabilities. "If all institutions will provide access, then children who have certain health problems will be able to integrate into society," the young girl said.

   “We want our parents back home. We want to grow up in a real family, not virtual one, through Skype”, stated a group of children. “Parents drain” is a huge phenomenon that affects 1/3 of the children’s population of Moldova – their parents are gone abroad for years earning money and sending them back to cover basic needs, like food, school and medicines.

   Another 15 years old girl from Orhei (town located 50 km away from the capital Chisinau) said that she feels the need for cultural centers, where she could spend her free time usefully. She also said that we need to develop more voluntary programs and create green spaces. The girl noted it was wonderful to participate in all the activities of the Forum expressing her thoughts and feeling her importance.

   The event was attended by a few young and active participants who initiated engaging on line discussions about the future they, their family and friends want after 2015.

   The National Children's Forum 2012 was organized by the Center for Information and Documentation on Child Rights, National Council for Child Protection and UNICEF Moldova. The session dedicated to national consultations with children on Post-2015 agenda was organized by UNICEF under a common UN Agencies initiative.

UNICEF Moldova
© UNICEF Moldova / 2012 /Dan Gutu
List of development priorities for the future of Moldova elaborated by children

   How will Moldova look like in 10 years? Children’s views on the future they want:

  During the consultation session the young people were asked to develop a list of development priorities and the future that they want for Moldova in the next 10 years. Here's what they wrote:

  • Schools efficient and well equipped;
  • Good roads, including in the villages;
  • Jobs for parents;
  • A country where the rights of children and citizens are respected;
  • More day care centers;
  • Health facilities with good specialists and advanced technologies;
  • A Government with honest people;
  • Higher salaries and pensions;
  • Children should grow up with their parents;
  • Do not sell alcohol and tobacco in public spaces;
  • A country-member of the European Union;

  More information and pictures can be found on:

   UNICEF Moldova Facebook page:

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   For further contact:

  Lina Botnaru, Communication Officer, UNICEF Moldova,
  Irina Lipcanu, Media Officer, UNICEF Moldova,



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