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Post-2015 Development Agenda: Final report on consultations in the Republic of Moldova officially launched

unicef moldova

   The report expresses the vision of people in the Republic of Moldova about the future they want after 2015

   CHISINAU, 24 September 2013 - The report summarizes the results of the consultations about the future people of Moldova want after 2015, when the Millennium Development Goals expire, presenting the real picture of the current concerns and future aspirations of the country.

   Those over 7000 people who participated in the national post-2015 consultations talked about the future they want, the long-term challenges and development risks for the Republic of Moldova, and proposed a number of recommendations how to address those.  

   The Post-2015 national consultations were held during November 2012 – March 2013, with the support of the United Nations  in Moldova and were facilitated by the Independent Think Tank, EXPERT-GRUP. The United Nations ensured a participative and inclusive process of these consultations, with the final report featuring the common voice of public servants, officials, civil society, grass root organizations, private sector, trade-unions, employers’ association, migrants, academia, Moldovan diaspora representatives, as well as the groups usually excluded from public debates and whose opinion is not always heard.

   The post-2015 national consultations were preceded by an active communication campaign, two large surveys – a nation-wide sociological poll and an on-line survey, 15 territorial consultations with focus groups, 8 special reunions and a National Workshop to validate the results of the consultations.

   More information about the consultation process and findings of the Report are available on the following link:

















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