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“All different, all equal” – a photo exhibition dedicated to diversity and inclusion

UNICEF Moldova

  Chisinau, 4th October 2012 – A photo exhibition with the title “All different, all equal” was launched in Tucano Coffee (91A Alexandru cel Bun street). The exhibition is part of a UNICEF campaign for the promotion of children inclusion and diversity.

  The photos were made during the year of 2012. The author of the photos is the photographer Dan Gutu.

  The stories of the kids in the photos are impressive – Ileana, Maria and Tudorita are 3 girls who, apparently, have nothing in common. Ileana is Roma ethnic and lives in the village of Mingir, Hancesti rayon. She has a loving family, and this year she went to school in the second grade.

  Maria is 12 and had a sad faith – for the last 5 years she is not living at home, with her mother, instead, she’s been placed in the Straseni boarding school. She loves music a lot and dreams to become a pianist.

  Tudorita is an extraordinary child, the 4-th in her family. Even if she was diagnosed with the Down syndrome, she is smiling, happy and always on pranks.

  “The stories of these 3 children show us how diverse – and thus reach – is the society we are living in. Even if it might seem that those 3 girls have nothing in common, they come from different communities and have different needs, they all have in common their wish to be treated with love and respect and to be accepted by others. Like any child, Ileana, Maria and Tudorita are willing to have a happy childhood, to learn, to grow up and have bright futures. We, the adults, have the responsibility to support them and help them fulfil these rights”, said at the exhibition opening event Alexandra Yuster, UNICEF Representative in Moldova.

  The photo exhibition with the title “All different, all equal” was organised by UNICEF in partnership with Tucano Coffee. For 2 weeks the exhibition will be placed in the Tucano restaurant on 91A Alexandru cel Bun Street, after which it will be placed in other restaurants.

  The aim of this initiative is to promote inclusion and generate discussions on diversity among the wide public, so that vulnerable children wouldn’t be discriminated, but also be treated with dignity and respect.

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  or contact: Irina Lipcanu, Media Officer, UNICEF Moldova, 
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