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Children’s message to adults: I am happy when you care for me!

  • This message was sent through the HAPPINESS PUZZLE created for the first time in Moldova on International Children's Day

  Chisinau, June 1, 2012 - A huge puzzle with a surface of 32 square meters was built in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, on the  occasion of International Children's Day.  Children, parents and officials, assembled together more than 200 pieces to obtain a unique picture with a special message - I am happy when you care for me!

  The event was organized by UNICEF and the Government of Moldova in order to remember that children need protection and care every day and not just on holidays, when they receive sweets and gifts.

  To build the message - I am happy when you care for me - children and parents were involved in a creative play, assembling the puzzle with a lot of enthusiasm. This way the organizers encouraged parents to spend more time with their children, play with them, hug them and help them learn new things.

  The first pieces of the puzzle have been assembled by the Prime Minister Vlad FILAT and, Alexandra YUSTER.

  "For UNICEF 1st of June is an opportunity to remember that all children are as important as adults. And like adults, every child has rights - right to a life free of violence and discrimination, right to family, right to express an opinion. Children and adolescents need to grow, learn, and be safe. And adults need to help them realize these rights every day, not only on International Children’s Day”, Alexandra YUSTER, UNICEF Representative in Moldova, said during the official opening of the event.

  UNICEF "Happiness puzzle” was largely promoted in social media as well, by using an interesting teasing strategy a week before the event. All UNICEF “friends”, colleagues, partners were invited to replace their cover photo with the message “I am happy when you care for me” and a picture from childhood as a profile. On 1st of June the cover photo was changed with Happiness Puzzle picture – thus ensuring the final message reached a wider audience and everyone was sensitized about the fact that child rights have to be respected every day, not only on International Children’s Day.  

  UNICEF "Happiness puzzle” will be assembled in other regions of Moldova so that other children and their parents can benefit from this creative play, too.

  The event is part of a broader UNICEF campaign to promote children's rights in Moldova.

  For further contact: Irina Lipcanu, Press Officer, UNICEF Moldova,

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