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Moldovan newspapers and televisions committed to respect the children’s human rights in news stories and features

© UNICEF Moldova

  Chisinau, 4th of May 2012 – At least 20 media agencies and institutions signed on 4th of May 2012 a statement, committing to respect the ethical guidelines in articles about children, as to protect their rights. The statement was disclosed at “Mass-Media and the Rights of the Child” exhibition, organised by the Centre of Journalistic Investigations and UNICEF in “Stefan cel Mare” Public Garden during the Press Freedom Days in Chisinau. 

  The Media NGOs presidents and the chiefs of many editorial offices admitted the necessity of strengthening the efforts in order to respect the rights of the abused children/witnesses of crimes and to promote the children´s positive image in the Press. 

  The media professionals committed also to respect the rights of every child to non-discriminatory treatment, to approach the children with respect and dignity and to listen to their opinion while writing the press releases. In addition, the editorial offices committed to not use denigrating terms to not disclose children’s identity involved in negative events. Another point of the statement concerns the commitment of the editorial offices to follow up the progress of the worst cases of children´s rights abuse.

  ”By doing this we would like to get public´s and media professional’s attention on the responsibility we have when we write about children´s problems. It is essential that all the information appearing in Press is professionally written has an impact and does not harm the child” Cornelia Cozonac reported, the president of the Journalistic Investigation at the exhibition launching.

  Attending the exhibition opening festivity, Liliana Palihovici, the deputy president of the Parliament appreciated the quality growth of the children´s related articles in the last 7-8 years. “When we write about children, we need to show them in every message how to learn to get protected and how to ask for help when they are in need. And we, adults, need to have ears to listen to children and to be ready to support them”, the deputy president of the Parliament reported.

  Alexandra Yuster, UNICEF representative in Moldova, reported that the way in which the Press is writing about children is definitely influencing the adults’ actions and thoughts related to children. “UNICEF is collaborating with mass media in Moldova, where I have noticed a strong engagement in presenting correctly the children´s rights. I would like to encourage the media professionals to pay attention to every word they write and to every image they post. It is a way to build a modern Moldova, children friendly and with a big future” Alexandra Yuster said. 

© UNICEF Moldova

   During the same event, the Association of Independent Press presented the poster 10 golden rules for journalists who write about children, elaborated in collaboration with UNICEF.

   The poster summarizes the top 10 ethical principles that will help journalists to produce more comprehensive and professional materials about children. The Poster published with UNICEF support in Romanian and Russian, will be distributed in all media newsrooms in the country, as well as schools, universities and other institutions which promote child rights. 

  The list of media institutions that signed the Statement of Respecting the Rights of Children in journalistic publications:

1. The Centre of Journalistic Investigations
2. Free Press Association 
3. Press Council
4. Youth Media Centre 
5. The Public Company „Teleradio Moldova”
6. Publika TV
7. „Adevărul” Newspaper
8. „Jurnal de Chişinău” Newspaper
9. „Ziarul de Gardă”Periodical
10. „Timpul”Newspaper
11. Children’s Magazine „Amic”
12. Children’s newspaper „Tribuna Copiilor”
13. Children’s newspaper „Florile Dalbe”
14. „Cuvântul” Periodical (Rezina region) 
15.  „Gazeta de Sud” Periodical (Cimişlia region)
16. Magazine for parents and children „Odoraş”
17. „Natura”Periodical
18. Young Journalist´s Centre
19. „Observatorul de Nord” Periodical (Soroca region)
20. „SP” Periodical (Bălţi region)
21. „Expresul” (Ungheni region)
22. „Glia Drochiană (Drochia region)
23. Weekly „Vocea Poporului”
24. „Cuvântul Liber” (Leova region)

  The Statement is opened to be signed as well by other media institutions.     

  To sign the Statement contact the Centre of Journalistic Investigations, contact person Natalia Porubin, email, 079727205





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