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"Child Centred Education” Project presented its achievement

© UNICEF Moldova
© UNICEF Moldova / 2011 /Constantin Grigoriţă

  Chisinau, 6th of April 2012 — The “Child Centred Education” Project presented on Friday, 6th of April its achievements, within a National Conference, at the State University of Moldova (USM).

   The Project´s partners: the Ministry of Education, UNICEF, USM, and the Science Institute of Education, national and local experts participated at the event.

   Mihail Sleahtitchi, the Minister of Education, thanked all of the parts involved in the development of this Project mentioning that” in connection to the reality and human values, based on theory and praxis, the “Child Centred Education” comes to answer to the challenges of our times, promoting a motivating, forming, dynamic and a constant education. This Project falls directly in this conceptual approach and it is part of the primary problem of the education reform in the Republic of Moldova” the Minister reported.

   According to Sandie Blanchet, the deputy Representative of UNICEF Moldova, the aim of carrying out this Project, was to introduce the Child Centred Education in the teachers’ initial and continuous forming. The quality of an education system cannot be higher than the quality of its teachers. A high performance is only achievable by creating mechanisms assuring qualitative education in schools for every child. In the context of inclusive education, it is required to train the teachers in Child Centred Education, determining the success of the inclusion.

   Vladimir Guţu, the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of USM and the Project Director, announced the achievements of the Project and namely:

  • Educational policies were developed at national level (the principles and conditions of the Child Centred Education were included in the Code of Education Project, of the Strategy for Education Development established for 2011-2015, and other regulations); 
  • The theoretical model of the Child Centred Education was under laid; 
  • The initial and continuous formation of the teachers (students – future teachers were trained for the further didactic activity, teachers were formed in colleges and universities); 
  • The curriculum, text books, guidebooks were developed based on the stipulations of the Child Centred Education

  The “Child Centred Education” Project was implemented between 2008-2011 by the State University of Moldova and “Step by Step” Programme, together with other 15 Universities and Colleges in Moldova with an educational profile. The Project was carried out with the financial support of UNICEF Moldova and coordinated by the Ministry of Education.



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