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Investment of 4.4 million dollars in the early education system from Moldova

© UNICEF Moldova
Chişinău, April 10, 2012

   Chisinau, April 10, 2012 - Ministry of Education announces a new Project: "Global Partnership for Education", focused on creating conditions for a quality early education for all preschool children in Moldova. The non refundable grant, 4.4 million dollars, is offered by the International "Global Partnership for Education" and will be sold during 20 months, in partnership with the World Bank, as administrator of the grant, UNICEF, as the coordination agency and Social Investment Fund from Moldova / FISM /.

   On this occasion, Tuesday, April 10, the Ministry of Education held a press conference attended by Mihail Şleahtiţchi, the Minister of Education, Tatiana Potîng, Deputy Minister of Education, Abdoulaye Seck, World Bank Country Manager, Alexandra Yuster, UNICEF Representative in Moldova, and others.
   The "Global Partnership for Education" will focus on three main components:

  1. Rehabilitation of approximately 40 institutions of preschool education, with participation of  FISM. Besides improving institutions infrastructure, they will be equipped with books, furniture, teaching materials, toys. For the smooth running of the project, the social partnership and the involvement of the local community in early childhood development programs will be strengthened.
  2. The activities of the "Global Partnership for Education" Project will be focused on improving access to quality early education for children with special needs (people at risk). In this respect, will be promoted inclusive education services and will be opened three community centers for rehabilitation and integration of children with special needs. They will be equipped with rehabilitation equipment, furniture, toys  and a vehicle for the transportation of the children to these centers. Also, there will be developed programs and guidelines for inclusive education, and organized trainings for teachers and parents.
  3. The third component of this project involves improving the quality of education through teacher training activities and management of pre-school, as well as training university teachers who prepare specialists in early education. For this purpose, will be developed, published and edited teaching materials in the field.

   The "Global Partnership for Education" Project is a continuation of the already known Project - "Education For All - Fast Track Initiative", implemented by the Ministry of Education with grant sources offered by the Catalytic Fund, totaling 8.8 million $, administered by the World Bank and implemented by UNICEF. In this project: 65 kindergartens were renovated, 36 community centers for early education were created, 510 kindergartens have been equipped with furniture, toys, teaching materials etc.

   Key results of the "Education for All - Fast Track Initiative" Project (2006-2010):

  • 50 kindergartens and 16 Community Centres renovated with Project sources
  • 21 Community Centers created with the local public authorities support and equipped by the Project
  • 2 Rehabilitation Centers for children with special needs created
  • 3 inclusive kindergartens functional
  • 512 endowed institutions (4 of every 10 preschools)
  • 9454 children now have access to early education
  • 983 new jobs created for teachers
  • Educational policy documents, internationally acclaimed (Curriculum, development standards, methodological guides, etc.) developed
  • Over 31,000 books and educational materials offered to the kindergartens and specialists
  • Every third teacher has received training.

  Thus, in 2010, thanks to the "Education For All - Fast Track Initiative" Project, the Moldovan government and other donor organizations, in the country function 1362 preschools, of which 23.6% are located in urban and other 76. 8% in rural areas.
Number of children enrolled in early education programs has increased to 126,000, since the beginning of 2009.

  Enrollment rate, of the children in pre-school, is increasing. In 2009, the enrollment rate was 75.5%, with 4.8% higher than in 2005 (70.7%). Gross enrollment rate in urban (91.9%) is higher than the rural (66.1%)/ According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 2009.
  For further contact:
  Violina Lavric, Press Service of the Ministry of Education, tel: 27 75 08



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