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UNICEF Representative and Ombudsman for Child Rights visited a boarding school from Drochia

UNICEF Moldova
© UNICEF Moldova

   Drochia, 26 March 2012: Alexandra Yuster, UNICEF Representative in Moldova and Tamara Plamadeala, Ombudsman for Child Rights, visited the Boarding school for children with psycho-neurological diseases in Drochia town on Monday, 26th of March 2012. The purpose of the visit was to monitor the situation of children in this institution and find out more information about the medical and social condition of the children who live here.

Tamara Plamadeala, Ombudsman for Child Rights

According to the administration of the boarding school from Drochia, which is also a sanatorium for children, there are at the moment 165 children aged 7-16 years placed here.

   The specifics of this institution - sanatorium type - is that here are placed children from socially vulnerable families (orphans, single parent, with degrading backgrounds), who have health problems. The maximum for children to stay here is 2 years, during which they receive free treatment and continue to study according to the general education curriculum. The most common illness affecting children placed in this boarding school are: night enuresis, psycho-neurological diseases associated with head trauma, aggression, low ability to concentrate, etc.) The children institutionalized here come from all over the country, but most of them are from Drochia rayon.

   Following the discussions with specialists, teachers and children from the Boarding school, Tamara Plamadeala, Ombudsman for Child Rights, told the media present at the event, that "children in this institution receive medicines that are cheaper, so the treatment is often ineffective."

Alexandra Yuster,

UNICEF Representative in Moldova

   "The annual budget of the institution for medical treatment is 48 thousands MDL for 165 children, which is not sufficient to cover all needs," confirmed Lilia Mocanu, a psychiatrist at the institution.

   On the other hand, Alexandra Yuster, UNICEF Representative in Moldova, said that some children who are placed in this institution do not need treatment at all because they are perfectly healthy. The reason for which they are placed here is not medical, but rather poverty and vulnerability of their families.

   "It is not reasonable for children to be in an institution of this kind. The solution for these children is not the boarding school, but the support and protection provided to their families.  The parents facing the risk of institutionalizing their children need help to overcome problems and be able to grow and educate their children at home. The best environment for child development and rehabilitation is family, “said Alexandra Yuster.

   In Moldova there are 3 institutions of sanatorium type: the one in Drochia, in Cineşeuţi village, Rezina rayon and Ivancea village, Orhei rayon. At the end of 2011 in all three boarding schools there were placed 451 children.



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