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A Chance to Education for Children in Schinoasa Village

Unicef Moldova

   December 20, 2011, Schinoasa, Calarasi - A community center for early education and family information was inaugurated on 20th of December in Schinoasa village, Calarasi rayon. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Education, Tatiana Potîng, UNICEF Representative in Moldova, Alexandra Yuster, local authority representatives, parents and children.

   Schinoasa village has a population of 298 people, mostly Roma. In this village there is no school, church, shop or other public institution. The Community Center will be the unique socio-cultural institution in the village.

   The Center is a private house rent by the local authority from a family of old people. The house was renovated with the support of local authorities and equipped by UNICEF and IKEA Foundation with furniture, books, LEGO toys, computer, printer, TV.

  A total of 27 preschool children aged 3-7 years are expected to attend kindergarten in Schinoasa. For most of them this is the only opportunity to receive education and get prepared for school.

  "UNICEF is convinced that this community center will improve the lives of children and parents in the village. Parents will have a safe place to bring their boys and girls for playing, socializing and learning life skills. They will also find useful information for themselves, how to better care and educate their children at home ", said Alexandra Yuster, UNICEF Representative in Moldova, during the opening event.

  Tatiana Potâng, Deputy Minister of Education, thanked all stakeholders and the entire community for contributing to the opening of the center. "The center will provide a suitable environment for training and education and also an opportunity for social integration," said the Deputy Minister.

  The opening of the Community Center is part of the project "Improving access to quality early education for all children, especially most vulnerable", launched at the initiative of the Ministry of Education, supported by UNICEF Moldova and the Swedish company IKEA. During this project similar community centers will be opened in 50 localities without kindergartens in Moldova and educators will be trained. 

  As a result of this project, over two thousand children aged 3-6 (7) years, will go to kindergarten. All Community Centers will be equipped with furniture, toys, equipment, and literature for children, parents and educators.

  The responsibility of local authorities is to identify and repair the premises, including providing connection to water supply and sanitation. Ministry of Education jointly with General Directorates of Education, Youth and Sports will select and train teachers.

  In Moldova there are 1371 kindergartens. 23% of preschool children (3-6 years) still do not have the chance to attend a kindergarten.

  For further information please contact:
  Irina Lipcanu, Media Officer UNICEF Moldova; tel: 269 225;



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