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The ECD Community Centre from Vulcaneşti

  August 10, 2010

  The ECD Community Centre from Vulcanesti village is the first preschool institution created in a community of Moldova where majority (95%) of the population is roma. people.

  The Center was established in 2009 within the premises of the local Gymnasium (Vulcanesti village, commune Cioresti, Nisporeni raion). The Center has opened its doors to 50 roma children residing in the locality.

  Before attending the Centre, children did not speak or spoke very little Romanian language, their communication language being Romani or, as they say, "Gypsy language”.

  The rooms were renovated by the Local Public Authorities and the needed furniture, teaching materials, books and toys were supplied by the Ministry of Education under EFA FTI Project.

  Investments in the Vulcanesti ECD Center:

  • Local Council – 640 000 lei = 55 000 USD.
  • Raion Council – 340 000 lei = 30 000 USD.
  • Ministry of Education – 43 000 = 4.000 USD (for the Center endowment)
  • SIDA – 120 000 lei = 10 000 USD (for endowment).
  • National Roma Centre - 70.000 lei (6 000 USD) (for endowment).

  The National Roma Center became an active partner of the Local Public Authorities in developing further the Center. 

  At the Roma Summit in Cordoba, Spain, the Mayor of the community was awarded the title „The Most Roma-Friendly Mayor” from Moldova for integrating the roma children

  NOTE:   The population of Vulcanesti amounts to 1200 people, of which 200 are children under 7. So each sixth citizen is a child of early age.

  Proiectul „Educaţie pentru Toţi – Iniţiativă de Acţiune Rapidă”
  Ministerul Educaţiei al Republicii Moldova,
  Piaţa Marii Adunări Naţionale, 1, MD-2033, Chişinău, Republica Moldova
  Tel.: 23.38.97, fax: 23.31.39
  Web:, E-mail:

  Proiectul „Educaţie pentru Toţi – Iniţiativă de Acţiune Rapidă” face parte din FAST TRACK INITIATIVE, care reprezintă un parteneriat global în asigurarea educaţiei pentru toţi. 



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