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Children from Moleşti, Ialoveni will studz in a child friendlt school

  • Ministry of Education opened the first "Child Friendly School" - a new international concept promoted by UNICEF
  • Molesti School was renovated and equipped according to  the latest international standards, the toilets and the heating systems aren’t inferior to the ones from  Europe
  • The school was repaired on the money of  the French company Veolia, supported by the Ministry of Education and UNICEF Moldova

  Chisinau, September 1, 2010 – Today, the Ministry of Education launched the first "CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOL" - a concept heavily promoted by UNICEF in all countries and globally recognized as the most appropriate model for education and comprehensive development of children.

  Toilets with shiny tiles instead of traditional wooden cabins behind the school and advanced heating systems, but also various teaching materials, specially trained teachers, a non-violent environment: these are the elements which should be present in a modern school. All children, including those with disabilities, coming from poor families or Roma children will have access to education in a child friendly school.

  "We want that all children from the country to benefit from such a school like children from Molesti, but for that we have a long way to go" said Leonid Bujor, Minister of Education at the opening ceremony of the school. "We believe we are able to succeed with the assistance of our international partners" Bujor said at the event.

  The French company Veolia financially supported the reparations and facilities in the institution, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, UNICEF, FISM and local authorities.

  Once becoming “child friendly", the school must be equipped to provide minimum comfort to its students, meaning that it should be well heated in winter time, toilets and drinking water taps to be inside" said Thierry Vandevelde, Veolia Executive Officer. Partnerships between public and private sectors, but also the involvement of the community in social projects are very important for offering children a better school, concluded Vandervelde.

 "UNICEF welcomes the opening of the first child-friendly school, for which was submitted jointly a great effort – the work’s result of the Government, of international organizations and local authorities" said UNICEF Representative in Moldova, Alexandra Yuster at the event. "We are confident that the school from Molesti will become  a positive example of ensuring appropriate conditions for education and most importantly – will increase access to education for all children, including the most vulnerable - a fundamental right that everyone should have them equally".

According to the data provided by UNICEF, compared to the situation ten years ago, many more children attend school in Moldova. Nevertheless, children from poor families in the countryside, children with special needs and Roma are among those disadvantaged. Currently, only half of Roma children and just one third of children with disabilities attend school.



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