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One Minute Junior: Voices of children from Lipcani Penitentiary

© UNICEF / Paul Hodorogea

A video workshop takes place between October 4-7 at Lipcani penitentiary - the actors and producers of their own films are children in detention 

 "One Minute Junior"  video workshop is famous worldwide for promoting children's voices and bringing them to the attention of  decision makers

Chisinau, October 6, 2010 - Detained children at Lipcani penitentiary participate during this week in the video workshop "One Minutes Junior”. Children - the main actors and protagonists of the mini-movies - learn how to shoot, edit and assemble their own 1 minute duration films. Assisted by a team of international experts, the children develop productions on topics they are interested in, address issues that affect them, things they want to change at home, in their family and community.

The project is organized by UNICEF with the support of the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Penitentiary Institutions.

"By this initiative UNICEF wants to give to children in detention the opportunity to tell general public and decision makers  what issues concern them and what are the things they need in order to begin a new better life," mentioned Alexandra Yuster, UNICEF Representative at the launching ceremony  of OneMinJr workshop  held in Lipcani. "Children that are here have the same rights as others, they dream of a future, they make plans, think of the loved people and we want to help their voices be heard"

This initiative takes part from a series of measures to promote rehabilitation and social inclusion programs for detainees-children implemented by the Government with the support of donors and international organizations, including UNICEF. 

In Moldova, currentely there are 68 children in detention: 28 children in pre-detention and 34 boys in Lipcani Penitenciary and 6 girls in Rusca Penitenciary.


“One Minute Junior”  Video Workshop became famous among children in countries of Europe, the Balkans and the CIS due to the fact that it promotes children's voices  by bringing attention to decision-makers. Under this initiative, children produce their own 1 minute duration videos on topics of their concern. Through these films, the participants talk about issues that affect them, about the things they want to change in their family, school and community. Children learn to write scripts, shoot and edit their own productions which are subsequently shown to adult people from the country as well as international audience in order to make their lives better. OneMinutesJr workshop is organized in Moldova for the third time  at the UNICEF initiative.



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