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A better start in life of all children from Moldova

A better start in life of all children from Moldova

Republic of Moldova has registered significant progress on children's access to early education

• 65 renovated kindergartens
• 36 community centers for early childhood development have been created
• 510 kindergartens were equipped with furniture, teaching materials and equipment for activities
• 53 kindergartens were equipped with playgrounds
• all kindergartens in the country (1342) were provided with educational policy documents (Curriculum, Standards, Methodological guides)
• about 4,600 teachers and administrative staff  trained
• 938 new positions were created for teachers

Chisinau, 10 August, 2010 - The Director of Fast Track Initiative Secretariat - Education for All (EFA-FTI), Bob Prouty is visiting Chisinau on August 10. Mr. Prouty visited the inclusive kindergarten and the rehabilitation center for children with special needs from Străşeni and the Early Education Community Center from Vulcăneşti village, Nisporeni district,  a region with a 95% majority of Roma population where he noticed the positive results and  the best child centered practices, established by  teachers along with local authorities.

In Moldova, more and more children have the possibility to attend the kindergarten. In 2009 about 75 percent of children under school age were attending kindergarten, compared with only 48 percent in 2001.

"We are pleased to see that a growing number of preschool children from vulnerable families attend  modern equipped kindergartens and receive quality education which will provide a solid support for their further studies and development," Bob Prouty  stated during his documentary visit to Straseni.

These results are due to "Education for All - Fast Track Initiative” Project, which started in 2006 when Republic of Moldova received 8.8 million dollars from the Catalytic Fund of the Fast Track Initiative.

However, 1 out of 4 children of early age and more than half of children under five years don’t have access to early education. Like tens of millions of children from developing countries, they do not maximize their potential and cognitive development, being exposed to risk factors such as poverty, poor nutrition, lack of training programs and a domestic environment which doesn’t stimulate learning and development.

"Preschool education is one of the most important investments that we can make for children. Still, we intend to improve the quality of kindergartens throughout the country in order to provide better opportunities for the children of Moldova to succeed in their lives" said UNICEF Deputy Representative in Moldova, Sadrine Blanchet.

"The Government of Republic of Moldova declared that education and early childhood development are national priorities and will support the national and international initiatives in this area," said Minister of Education, Leonid Bujor.

The first phase of "Education for All" project covered 2006-2008 years, while the second - 2008-2010.

The project aims to increase access to quality preschool education and is conducted by the Ministry of Education in partnership with local public authorities. The grant is managed by the World Bank, while the activities are conducted by UNICEF’s support, as coordinating agency.

Fast Track Initiative Education for All (EFA-FTI) is a global partnership between developing countries, donors and UN agencies, initiated to assist countries that need help in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Recent investigations demonstrate the importance of interventions on children of 0-7 years to shape their personality. Studies show that investments in quality early education of children determine the socio-economic development of the country in long term.

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