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“Partnership for children” to invest in the future

Chisinau, June 1, 2010 – Today, on International Children’s Day, the “Partnership for Children” was launched, aiming to support local projects and thus contribute to a better life for children. The Partnership, a novel action for the Republic of Moldova, has been initiated by the Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Social Protection, Health and Family, together with Orange Moldova, UNICEF and UNFPA.

The “Partnership for Children” has the mission to offer to communities not only money, but also development opportunities for children. Being not just a singular action, but a long-term initiative, it aims to promote private sector social responsibility and mobilize communities to help all children.

On this occasion, the “Partnership for Children” launches a fund collection campaign to support social projects for children. Orange Moldova will carry out, in the period of June 2 – July 1 2010, a first fund collection campaign through SMS-es. The gathered sum will be doubled by the company and given to children-related projects.

„We have launched this initiative because we too, members of the parliament, are parents and understand how important it is to offer possibilities to children. All of us want that children in the Republic of Moldova grow up in good health and have many perspectives in their country” stated Liliana Palihovici, Chairwoman of the Parliament Standing Committee for Social Protection, Health and Family. “And it is most important that this project is a long-term one. Through this action we want to encourage local public authorities, nongovernmental organizations and initiative groups to launch child-oriented initiatives, and the private sector – to support them. Through unity, we will manage to build a better life for our children”.

„Investments in children and in their development bring always the most long-term profit, as these are investments in the future of the country. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, they have to enjoy equal chances for survival and development, and communities are very important for the realization of this right. Through this partnership we want to make sure that this principle is respected, that no child is excluded”, mentioned Alexandra Yuster, UNICEF Resident Representative to Moldova.

„Orange manifests a socially responsible behavior towards the society and especially towards children. This is why it supported many times and continues to give priority to projects that aim to resolve the problems children and youth in Moldova are confronted with, such as “Merit Scholarships”, creation and equipment of computer classes for disabled children in several residential institutions throughout the country, etc. We are the first commercial company in the Republic of Moldova to join the “Partnership for children” by getting involved in this project. We hope that other private companies would join our initiatives and contribute to the creation of a favorable environment for the development of children in Moldova”, said Ludmila Climoc, General Director of Orange Moldova.

Boris Gâlca, Deputy Representative UNFPA Moldova mentioned that all the projects have to ensure a better life for every child, and this means, first of all the right of every child to grow up in a family. “Regretfully there are many children remaining home without parental supervision because of their parents migration abroad. Today there is a need for as many initiatives as possible to protect the family and the child and stimulate community care and attention to these children”.

Orange clients can participate at the campaign by sending a no-text short message to the number 7474. The price of an SMS is of 8 Lei, VAT included. After the message is sent, the Orange client will receive a message with information about the funds collected until that moment. Companies are invited to participate in this partnership, and non-governmental organizations, imitative groups and local authorities – to come with community development project proposals, aiming to make the life of children better..

Project proposals are to be submitted before July 1 at the East Europe Foundation, 31 august 1989 str, 98, third floor, contact phone no.: (+373-22) 235-343; 548-102.

A council formed out of project partners representatives will examine these proposals in the period of June 1-15, and later announce the results. The number of projects to receive financial support will depend on the sum collected in the “Partnership for Children”.



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