01 June 2020

Research on the situation of families with children at risk in the context of the pandemic caused by coronavirus

This research has been developed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus and was conducted by CCF/HHC Moldova from 14-28 April 2020 on a sample of 140 families who are registered with the Territorial Social Assistance Structures. The research comprised of a standardized questionnaire carried out over the telephone between an adult family member and the CCF/HHC Moldova Case Manager. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: CIdentify the problems faced by families with children at risk and their major needs during the pandemic; Identify the response of the authorities and of civil society in order to support the most affected families with children in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic; Formulate recommendations for authorities at a central, district and local level based on the needs identified; Recommend intervention measures to civil society and donors. The questionnaire consisted of 17 closed, open-ended, single choice and multiple-choice questions to gather both qualitative and statistical data to represent the opinions and knowledge level of respondents. The evaluation focussed on several areas in order to accumulate information about family members, their sources of monthly income, access to services during the pandemic and the type of services they feel are most needed during the pandemic. Data were collated to illustrate the level of families’ understanding of protection measures in place due to COVID-19, the emotional state of family members during such time of crisis, any problems or difficulties families are experiencing during the pandemic, and the nature of support provided by the authorities, community members, NGOs and other parties.