Voices of Moldovan children and adolescents: Everything will be all right!

A song dedicated to heroes of 2020 - frontline workers

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UNICEF Moldova
31 December 2020

Today, on the last day of this challenging year 2020, children and adolescents of Moldova are coming with a message of hope for 2021: Totul va fi bine.  

Edgard Dușcov (Comrat), Adela Borș (Chisinau), Ștefi Gurscaia (Gotești, Cantemir), and Ciprian Sobețchi (Bălți) are four children, members of the inclusive choir “Voices”, supported by UNICEF since 2018. They are the protagonists of a musical video, dedicated to the superheroes of the year 2020 - health workers, police officers, teachers, and other frontline workers who provided essential services during the COVID-19 pandemics. 

UNICEF Moldova 2020

"With distance learning and cancelled events, in 2020 many teens have been missing some of the biggest moments of their young lives, and the members of the Voices choir have also missed coming together as one voice, to inspire children, young people and future leaders,” says the orchestra conductor Adriano Marian, who is also the founder of the choir.” I would like to tell our Voices members, but also all teenagers who have felt isolated and disappointed during the year 2020, know this: everything will be all right.” 

The song was developed as part of the ”Be Safe” communication campaign with the participation of four children from the inclusive choir Voices, and supported by UNICEF Moldova from USAID funds, in cooperation with Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection and WHO in Moldova. 

About Voices 

Voices is an inclusive children's choir, created in 2018, which currently has more than 200 members. It initially had 20 members – children of Moldovan, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Armenian, Gagauz, and Roma ethnicity, from various social groups, as well as children with special needs practiced choral music with the support of professional musicians. Most of the children had no earlier experience with reading music and have never sang in a chorus before. 

In 2020 UNICEF continued to support Voices, as well as other projects and initiatives for adolescents and young people, including the social entrepreneurship programme UPSHIFT, the innovation tool U-Report, as well as the edutainment tool Dialogica.  

About the  ”Be safe” communication campaign 

The information and responsibility campaign "Be safe!" Was launched by the National Communication Group COVID-19 and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection. It aims to inform citizens about the risks of infection with COVID-19, and, at the same time, educate a spirit of solidarity with those who, every day of struggle in the forefront for the life of each patient.

Be safe - travel safely, learn safely, work safely, celebrate safely! These are the urges to change behavior, which the authorities and health specialties recommend to citizens to reduce the risk of infection.

In these times of crisis, when front-line institutions are struggling to cope with the number of infected patients, citizens can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by showing concern for their own health and that of those around them.