Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Me!

A Song to Help Children Practice Safe Behaviours as Schools and Kindergartens Reopen

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Gurinel TV 2020
07 September 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world aback, most countries trying to raise the awareness of their people about this virus that is a threat to life and health. Entertainment-education is one of the most efficient ways to persuade the general public – especially children, adolescents and young people – to adopt safe behaviours. In the COVID-19 pandemic, such behaviours rely on hand hygiene, social distance and cough etiquette.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, UNICEF and WHO, in collaboration with Georgeta Voinovan and Gurniel TV channel, produced a song that is meant to urge children in kindergartens and elementary school to help prevent the outspread of the COVID-19 infection in the communities and to stay protected.

Gurinel TV 2020