UN Youth Advisory Panel and launches the membership selection contest

28 April 2021

UN Moldova announces the creation of the UN Youth Advisory Panel and launches the membership selection contest. The structure will include a group of active young people, representatives of youth networks, youth organizations from the Republic of Moldova, including organizations that represent the rights and interests of youth from underrepresented groups and those in vulnerable situations. UN YAP will serve as a bridge between the United Nations in the Republic of Moldova and the local youth organizations in the UN's efforts to reach a wider audience of young people in the Republic of Moldova during the implementation of the UN national agenda and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UN YAP will ensure systematic and significant involvement of the young people in the UN Moldova programs, with the following objectives:

  1. Increasing the UN understanding about the young people's aspirations and experiences, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, abilities, socio-economic background, etc.
  2. Ensuring that the priorities and the voice of youth are reflected in the UN-Republic of Moldova partnership, including those of the young people from underrepresented groups and those in vulnerable situations.
  3. Supporting and promoting the 2030 Agenda in the Republic of Moldova, acting as an ambassador of sustainable development goals among young people.
  4. Developing the capacity of young people to acquire new skills (leadership, advocacy, communication, etc.) and improving the understanding of their communities and their country.

The UN Youth Advisory Panel Moldova will consist of 12 young people, ensuring gender balance, rural and urban representation and as much ethnic diversity as possible. Those wishing to join UN YAP must meet the following conditions:

  1. Age between 15 and 24 years;
  2. Represents youth organizations or councils, a youth center, youth networks or movements;
  3. People sharingUN values ​​and principles;
  4. Ability to communicate in Romanian (knowledge of Russian, English and other languages ​​is an advantage);
  5. People willing  to contribute to the work of UN YAP, the process of planning and implementing UN programs and to disseminate the results of joint UN YAP and UN initiatives, as well as to act as SDG ambassadors to Moldova (minimum 20 hours / month);
  6. A broad understanding/ interest in the rights of adolescents and young people;
  7. Ability to mobilize other young people, especially the youth from underrepresented groups and those in vulnerable situations;
  8. Interest / experience in social media and communication, public policies development, promotion and defending of children's and young people's rights, minority rights.

UN YAP members will be elected for a two- year term (until December 2022), with the possibility of re-election for another term. The selection will be carried out by a selection committee every two-years through a competitive, open, transparent, and inclusive application process.

The registration and selection procedure will include 2 stages:

  1. application files submission;
  2. interview.

In order to participate in the selection contest within UN YAP, the young people should fill in this online form and send the application file to the following email address until May 6th, 2021, at 18:00, including in the Subject of the email: “Application for the YAP- (your name)”.

The application should include:

  • Candidate's CV;
  • Letter of delegation from a youth organization, youth council, youth center or other youth participation and / or representation structure.

More details regarding the mandate and functions of the UN Moldova Youth Advisory Panel can be found in the terms of reference. Additional questions and information may be requested at the email address