Information session under EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme

Questions and answers

Sedinta de informare in cadrul Programului EU4Moldova: Regiuni-cheie
14 December 2020

Some 50 representatives of civil society organisations participated in an online briefing on three Calls for Project Proposals under the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme for the fields below. During the information session, which lasted more than an hour, Viorica Volovei, Education Programme Coordinator at UNICEF Moldova and Igor Codreanu, Health Programme Coordinator at UNICEF Moldova came up with presentations to provide information and details about the three calls: the objectives of each call, the selection criteria, the documents needed for the application, the evaluation method, etc.

  • Youth – ‘Buidling the Capacity, Development and Empowerment of Adolescents and Young People in Cahul and Ungheni’:
  • Health – ‘Development of Early Detection and Early Intervention Services’:
  • Education – ‘Development of Education Services for Children and Adolescents in Cahul and Ungheni’:


The question-and-answer session followed, during which participants raised a number of follow-up questions on various issues. Here are some of them:


Participants’ questions 

UNICEF’s answers 

  1. May a CSO submit a maximum of 1 project proposal for each of the 3 fields or just 1 proposal altogether?  

A CSO may submit one proposal for each call. 

  1. Can a project be carried out with the involvement of both regions? 

The projects are going to be implemented in both regions. 

  1. Which category the procurement of licences belongs to? What about car rental expenses? IT equipment procurement? Procurement of sports equipment? 

A part of the procurements can be included in administrative expenses and the procurement of equipment needed for project implementation will qualify as UNICEF contribution. 

  1. Are just Cahul and Ungheni districts eligible? Is it possible for other regions to apply? 

The project proposals shall include activities in settlements from Ungheni and Cahul districts. Both National and Local CSOs may apply. 

  1. One of the requirements is to disclose the organisation’s budget for the previous year. What year does that mean: 2019 or 2020? 

It is necessary to submit the organisation's budget for the previous calendar year. 

  1. The programme application includes ‘cash’ and ‘supply’ categories (under the budget section). What does ‘supply’ entail? 

If you want UNICEF to purchase certain equipment, this should be recorded as ‘supply’; if the CSO buys it – then it is budgeted as ‘cash’.  

  1. Does the project scope presume involvement of all settlements in Cahul and Ungheni districts? 

The project proposals will include activities in Ungheni and Cahul districts settlements that need such activities – it si not necessary to cover all of them. 

  1. May we apply to implement the project in only one region? 

The projects are going to be implemented in both regions. 

  1. Is it necessary to just mention the collaborations or do collaboration agreements need to be signed prior to applying for the call for partnerships? 

The collaborations with local partners need to be described, but it is not required to provide any signed documents/agreements. 

  1. When making the budget, listing the performance indicators – shall we include the activities and the number of activities here? Or is other information needed, as well? 

It is necessary to mention all the planned activities. Some project indicators are already established, but CSOs are welcome to suggest their own indicators related to specific activities. 

  1. What is the maximum budget? 

Each call specifies the maximum budget available for project activities. 

  1. Procurements will be carried out by UNICEF – so we do not need to include them in the budget, just mention that such procurement will happen? Or shall we include them under the ‘Supply’ category? 

If you want UNICEF to purchase certain equipment, it should be recorded as ‘supply’; if the CSO buys it – then it is budgeted under ‘cash’.  

  1. Do we include wages under management expenses, which must not exceed 25%? 

The wages are to be included under management expenses, which must not exceed 25%. 

We remind that the deadline for submitting the application is 14 December, 11:59 p.m. You can submit your application by e-mail to or in a sealed envelope with the mention ‘CSO Specific Call for Expression of Interest – EU4Moldova Programme’ to the following address: UNICEF Moldova, 131, 31 August 1989 str., Chisinau, MD 2012.

UNICEF Moldova launched three Calls for Expression of Interest under the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme This project is financially supported by the European Union in the Republic of Moldova and implemented in partnership with UNDP Moldova