Children with special educational needs attend kindergarten together with all children

Kindergarten teachers were trained on how to work with children with special educational needs

Educația incluzivă la grădiniță
UNICEF Moldova
14 January 2021

More than 190 kindergarten teachers from three districts of Moldova (Calarasi, Cantemir and Singerei) were trained within the project implemented by CNETIF in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and funded by UNICEF and the Austrian Development Cooperation. This project addresses social inclusion and equal access to education and early care for the most vulnerable categories of children: children of ethnic minorities and children with developmental problems, including children with special needs.

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The teachers of ‘Lastarel’ kindergarten in Calarasi district, Moldova, were trained on how to work with children with special educational needs, how to identify the special needs of a child at an early stage, and, also, how to provide assistance to families.

Tatiana Spinu, manager of ‘Lastarel’ kindergarten: 

‘We have gained some very good knowledge about various categories of children: children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), children with autism, children with hearing disorders, children with vision disorders. It consisted of concrete activities: knowing what to do about a child, how to help them.’

UNICEF Moldova
Tatiana Spinu, manager of ‘Lastarel’ kindergarten, Calarasi, Moldova
UNICEF Moldova
Children in ‘Lastarel’ kindergarten, Calarasi, Moldova

Parents of the children attending the kindergartens were also trained as part of this project.

This is what a parent, Natalia Catana, said: ‘My child has special needs, he does not have a disability. He was diagnosed with speech disorder, but over time, thanks to the work of the teachers and support teaching staff, thanks to our efforts, my child's development has progressed.’ 

‘When we found out about this project, it interested me greatly, considering that nowadays there are many children with special needs integrated in kindergartens. Personally, having a less problematic child, but who still needed special education, we attended these sessions and learned a lot of useful things for us as parents’, said Victoria Guzic, a parent. 

As a result of the project, 248 of these children have access to inclusive education.

UNICEF Moldova
Children in ‘Lastarel’ kindergartens of Calarasi district, Moldova
UNICEF Moldova
Victoria Guzic, mother of a child from the ‘Lastarel’ kindergarten, Calarasi, Moldova

UNICEF works to ensure all children are in school, and are receiving a quality education.

UNICEF supports the government in taking children with disabilities from special residential institutions and integrating them into their families, communities, and schools. Changes in the education system enable teachers to have the knowledge and tools to adjust school programs and teach to the needs and capacities of each child.

In Moldova a National Inclusive Education Program was adopted and has been gradually implemented since 2011.