Better safe than sorry

Hundreds of students in the country learn to be safe in emergency situations

security school
28 May 2018

Students from ten schools in the south of the country participated,in the "Security School" activities, where students learnt how to stay safe in emergency situations. The activity took place in Cahul and is part of the area-wide training series "Together We Reduce the Risks", which unfolds during the current month in districts. Activities contain both theoretical and practical classes. Children learnt from rescuers and paramedics how to stay safe in the event of fires, earthquakes, accidents and floods. They also learnt first-aid maneuvers in case of drowning, suffocation with foreign bodies or other emergency situations.

Ion Covaş, one of the participants of the "Security School", is a first year student at the Cahul Vocational School and is preparing to become a chef. He came to training with other classmates and is willing to be actively involved in theoretical and practical classes.

"I think these lessons are very useful to us. First aid is the most important thing any child and adult needs to know."

Another participant at the Security School, Lilia Bratu, a 11th grade student, says she was most impressed by the activity organized by the paramedic Elena Tanas, who taught children the first aid techniques. Lilia once witnessed a situation when someone in the family needed help because she was choking. "I admit that I did not know how I could help then, so my dad managed to help. Now, after the Security School, I know exactly how to act, "says the teenager. 

The paramedic Elena Tanas showed the children the steps they must follow when they want to save somebody who is choking. 

"Obstruction of the airways is a global problem. When people are afraid to act, many human lives are lost from preventable causes. That's one of the reasons we started these trainings in schools. We do similar lessons for adults as well, because this knowledge can save lives," 

In order for the lesson to be more effective, she used a few manequenes. After the lesson, each student had the opportunity to practice, so that in the end everyone could get a good result.

UNICEF Country Representative in Moldova, Desiree Jongsma,  enjoyed having a chance to observe and even take part in several activities organized by Cahul's "Security School" instructors, along the children and youth.

”We all know that nature can sometimes be very unpredictable,"said Desiree Jongsma, UNICEF Country Representative in Moldova. ”I learnt that last year, the Cahul district was affected by a snow storm that happened when nobody expected it - in the last days of April! Therefore it is important that communities are prepared to prevent new risks, reduce the risks that are already present. Certainly, children and young people can play an important role in this, and even ‘teach’ others in their communities themselves. It is so much better to be safe than sorry,” Desiree Jongsma said.

While some students learnt to provide several first aid procedures , alongside the runway, other girls and boys participated in an icebreaking game, simulating the extinction of a fire. Valeria Zgârcibaba is a student in the X-th grade at "Ioan Vodă" Theoretical High School in Cahul. We saw her at the finish of the runway, after completing the exercise. "Today I understand that the firefighters' work is hard, but also noble. We had a minute to put on the equipment, but the firefighters have only 20 seconds for that. Rescuers must learn to act quickly, because only that way they can save lives " says the teenager.

Ana Nastas, a biology professor at Giurgiulesti high school, Cahul, came to the "Security School" with a group of pupils from grades IX-XI. The teacher says practical activities are a good opportunity for students to build up their theoretical knowledge about safety, they learn in school. "It is very important that students have the opportunity to practice real situations that can happen in everyday life. Such lessons should be organized for all pupils in our country, "says Ana Nastas.

"Security School" is at its second edition and involved children and young people from Edinet, Soroca, Balti, Chisinau, Orhei, Ungheni, Hancesti, Causeni, Cahul and Gagauz-Yeri. More than 1,200 boys and girls enrolled in this year's edition. The winning teams will take part in the national round of the competition on May 23.

The activity was organized by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, jointly with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and UNICEF Moldova.

security school
security school