Early Childhood Development

Assessing knowledge, attitudes and practices of families regarding care and development of children

Dezvoltarea timpurie a copiilor


Early childhood development (ECD) is a process that involves the realization of fundamental rights and age-specific needs and the first years of life are the most sensitive and critical in human development. The importance of this stage in human life is determined by the particularities of the individual’s physiological formation. The degree and complexity of family preparation for child care and development at this early age are essential. The present study aims to measure the evolution of the situation over time for the main areas of the ECD in terms of early childhood development, improved parenting skills, especially child nutrition and hygiene skills, early recognition/identification of danger signs and proper behavior in case of illnesses, as well as the cognitive and intellectual stimulation of children.

Dezvoltarea timpurie a copiilor
UNICEF Moldova
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