Our Partners

UNICEF does not work in isolation

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Our Partners

No single organization or individual acting alone can make a lasting difference for the children of Moldova. The challenges that children and adolescents face, and the new opportunities that are opening up to improve their well-being, are everybody’s business.

We welcome new ideas.

We work in a dynamic middle-income country, where we must build partnerships, foster innovation, and use our limited resources to leverage major change for children.

We are always looking for new and better ways to do this.

Young people and children 

U-Reporters - Youth and Adolescents, Advocacy and Communication

Young La-La Play Voices - Youth and Adolescents, Advocacy and Communication

National Youth Council of Moldova - Youth and Adolescents

Governmental partners

National Council on Child Rights Protection

Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection

Ministry of Education, Culture and Research

Ministry of Justice

The Bureau of Interethnic Relations

The National Bureau of Statistics

Local authorities

Chisinau Municipality

Singerei District Council

Intergovernmental organizations

Swiss Cooperation Programme in Moldova (SDC) - Health

Non-governmental organizations and advocacy networks

Association for Development of IT (EDUCAT) - Youth and Adolescents

Association for Documentary Photography (A-DOF) - Justice for children

Association for Participatory Criminal Justice (APCJ) - Justice for children

Association of Entrepreneur Women from Moldova (AFAM) - Advocacy

Child Community Family (CCF) Moldova - Child protection, Education

East European Foundation (EEF) - Advocacy and Communication

Moldovan Football Federation (FMF)  - Sports for Development

Moldovan National Youth Orchestra - Communication and Advocacy

Centre for Human Rights of Moldova/Child Rights Ombudsman

Council on the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination

National Council for Free Legal Aid - Justice for Children

Step by Step Educational Programme - Education

Perinatological Medicine Association - Health

Gavi, the vaccine alliance - Health

Oak foundation - Child protection

Sabin Vaccine Institute - Health

Terre des hommes - Child protection