Start of the Security School "Together we reduce risks" for children in Moldova and Ukraine

With the support of UNICEF Moldova

14 Mai 2022
Școala securității „Împreună reducem riscurile”
UNICEF Moldova

Chisinau, May 13, 2022: This morning, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs launched the Security School, with the main message: "Together we reduce risks", activities designed to prepare children across the country, including refugee children in Ukraine. The activity is carried out with the support of UNICEF Moldova

In his speech, the head of IGSU, Alexandru Oprea mentioned that the training of the young generation in the field of risk prevention through the organization of the Security School was resumed after the pandemic and is a priority for the institution.

MIA Secretary of State, Daniela Misail-Nichitin thanked the students for choosing to spend clear days with IGSU rescuers and firefighters, with whom they will have the opportunity to learn the rules of life security, but also to spend time beautiful with their teammates from other teams.

Adriana-Tigaie-Cazacu, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Moldova appreciated the desire of children who enrolled to attend the Security School outside the curriculum and chose to know the rules of security by obtaining new skills due to activities carried out by the IGSU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Refugee children from Ukraine, who have been included in the education system of the Republic of Moldova, also participate in the Security School.

„When we think of the needs of refugees, we often think about shelter, water, and food, said Maha Damaj, UNICEF Country Representative in Moldova. Education, however, has vital importance in restoring a sense of purpose, dignity, and hope for the future. Education does not only mean learning: it also gives children a sense of structure, establishes friendships, and spirits, and points the way to productive adulthood. UNICEF is committed to working hand-in-hand with the national authorities to ensure that their right to a safe and stimulating education is prioritized", reiterated Maha Damaj.

After the ceremony, started the competitions in which 11 teams of 147 students entered. In the first "Equipment" competition, the students tried to put on a firefighter's uniform and adjust their helmets against the clock. Also, within the program, the young people will test their resistance and strength in the “Fighting” stage, where they will extinguish simulated fires, acting in a team, after learning the first intervention techniques and handling fire extinguishers. The first day of the competitions will culminate with the "Business Card" contest, where the children will present the specifics of the area where they come from. At the same time, the program of activities includes workshops on first aid in case of dislocations, burns, and fractures, including resuscitation maneuvers.

The Security School organized by IGSU was also launched in Bălți, where 130 students participate in the training activities. Such activities will be carried out by IGSU on May 13-15 in the districts of Cahul, Hancesti, Ungheni, Causeni, Soroca, Edinet, Orhei, and ATU Gagauzia, and a total of 1127 children from all over the country will be trained in prevention and security. of life. The 2022 edition of the Security School “Together we reduce risks” aims to prepare the young generation in the field of life security basics by organizing competitions and interactive workshops on risk prevention and the correct reaction of children in crises.

Școala securității „Împreună reducem riscurile”
UNICEF Moldova
Școala securității „Împreună reducem riscurile”
UNICEF Moldova

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